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  • TOLKIEN; imagines
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  • Skyrim | Thief Of Hearts | DISCONTINUED
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    BRYNJOLF X READER X MERCER FREY ~ A new member is introduced for the Thieves Guild by Brynjolf. However, she seems to have a difficult past with one of the new members. Her beauty and skill don't go unnoticed by any of the male members and causes tension to raise incredibly between the men. Who will win her heart? And...

  • Skyrim x Reader | Requests
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    This is a Skyrim x Reader book, just like the title suggests. Open for requests! Characters I've done so far: • Brand-Shei • Brynjolf • Veezara {I do not own Skyrim or it's characters. It all belongs to Bethesda and other respective owners.} Game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Published: 19/07-2016 On Hold: 13/3-2017...

  • How to: Skyrim fanfictons (or X Readers)
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    Sometimes x readers and fanficts of Skyrim are hard for others. I know for me, sometimes it is. My advice might not work for you, everyone is different, or you may disagree and find a different way that suits you. But, anyway, these are my tips.

  • The punk next door (Punkiplier x Reader)
    18.2K 520 10

    You just moved to L.A., California. You have an beautiful house with your best friend in an amazing neighborhood. Everything seems just too perfect to be true, until suddenly the neighbor kills the peacefulness with loud music. what happens next? read and find out.. ~there is smut in this, so you have been warned~

  • White Fire (Geralt of Rivia x OC)
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    A Geralt of Rivia Fan fiction x original character. Why? 'Cause I suck at reader inserts. But Basically, Kina is a Witcher, her father kidnapped her from the place she was undergoing the transformation when it was all over and done with. Blah, blah, blah, Years later, a certian witcher and his buddies come to town,

  • The Young Thief
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    Brianna, the sister of Brynjolf. A thief at heart and a caring 18 year old girl with high expectations. Where will it take her?

  • A Light in the Dark (ON HOLD)
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    As the tears dripped down her face she couldn't help but stare up at the man who was currently saving her life. Markiplier. She cursed herself for leaving the door unlocked, for sobbing too loud, for even meeting the man. If she had just been quieter maybe he wouldn't have come. Maybe she would have died. "

  • Can I Make It Until Dawn? [Josh x OC] An Until Dawn Story
    162K 5.1K 19

    There isn't going to be much of a description here, so I apologize now. As the title implies, this is a Josh x OC story. ♡♡♡ I understand, Josh is a bit psycho, but I love him nonetheless (and I'm sure that I'm not the only one!) "My name is Courtney, and this is my story of survival." DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Until D...

  • Skyrim Imagines and Preferences [Requests Open!]
    96.4K 1.8K 16

    Certain scenarios that feature Skyrim's finest! Imagines/Oneshots/Preferences of Skyrim characters. I'm pretty sure I didn't do these right, please don't crucify me. Unless... A super, big, special thanks to @SAPPHIREHATESYOU she has helped be out a lot, and she gave me this idea!

  • AU Skyrim Chat Room
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    A/N: Random shit here. Read at your own risk! The Dovahkiin is in this, they just go by Dovahkiin or Dragonborn and I try to stay gender neutral. Also, my OC Yuvon Gein is in this.... BARELY. ____________________________________ [Usernames] AlduinTheWorldEater- Alduin #PaarthurnaxLives- Paarthurnax #Stormcloak- Ulfri...

  • Still-Born Shout [#wattys2017]
    4.2K 220 20

    Sif Still-Born is a child of legend... Literally. The story of her birth has become something of a horror story in Nord culture, meant to terrify children and warn suspicious souls away from the Daedra. But when she chooses to return to Skyrim, her father's homeland, she will get much more than she bargained for. DISC...

  • Skyrim X Reader
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    My first work... I've never done anything like this before. This is my first ____ x Reader, so please bear with me.

  • Writing Tips and Techniques (Writing Help)
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    Writing help from an English/Creative Writing major. This is practically a free writing class. It's full of useful writing tips and tricks that I've picked up in my writing career/common mistakes found while editing others' work. I hope you can find use out of this. I add to it every time I think of something else tha...

  • An's Diary (Skyrim Fanfic)
    10.5K 771 34

    Marcurio, a mercenary magician, is hired by the mysterious Dovahkiin for the second time. But this time, he's been recruited to accompany her in her attempt to uncover her past and find out why her first memory is of her waking up outside Skyrim's borders in the middle of a Stormcloak/Imperial skirmish. This is a stor...

  • The Crown of Bone(Skyrim Fanfic)
    2.2K 82 12

    In Skyrim, legends of dragons ravaging the land are an expected reality but after Alduin (the World Eater said to bring the End of Days) awakes and resurrects the sleeping bones of the dragons, Skyrim is thrown into utter chaos. Tales of a mysterious hero known as 'Dovahkiin' or Dragonborn, stir the spirits of those d...

  • All Skyrim One Shots
    6.5K 54 3

    A story of one shot Skyrim fan fiction. and because I love you all so much, I'm gonna make some with the Daedric Princes.

  • Skyrim: The Jest
    2.2K 116 7

    A story I got inspired from actual events that happened in my game. Of course it has a few more dialogue and actions from our dear Keeper,Cicero and other characters that don't matter. I just hope you guys will like it... 'I can't believe he did t...

  • Can You See Me? (A Loki FanFiction)
    134K 5.6K 26

    When a young elf's family is brutally murdered and her home burnt to the ground, she has no choice but to flee to safety - where ever that may be. But when she is captured by slave traders, she realises that no where is safe for her - especially when she discovers who she is being sold to. The Royal Family of Asgard.

  • ~ Some may call you junk... Me I'll call you treasure ~
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    I've decided to make some Skyrim/Oblivion X Reader oneshots cause honestly I don't think there's enough around... I'll will be taking requests but I'll be also writing some of my own creations that I've been meaning to write for a while and if your gonna request but if you don't want it to be a reader oneshot and you...

  • Avengers: Preferences/Imagines
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    Preferences/Imagines for the Avengers: Ironman, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Loki, The Winter Soldier, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. *I do not give permission for any of my works to be copied, translated, or reposted, even with credit.* Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settin...

    Completed   Mature
  • LotR/ the Hobbit One Shots
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    So I've recently watched LotR and I got really back into the hobbit movies so I'm going to write oneshots with characters in those movies. Requests always open!

  • The Drummer's Heart (Son of Christian "CC" Coma)
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    After the tragic death of his beloved mother, a now depressed Cayden Mora must live with the father who didn't even know of his existence. What will the outcome be? (Part of the "Concert of Hope" Series) [art credit for cover: @aquasixio in deviantart]

  • Avengers Boyfriend Scenarios
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    It has Tony, Steve, Thor, Clint, Loki, Bruce, and Bucky. I hope you enjoy!

  • Shift In Wind (Skyrim Fanfiction)
    9.7K 383 16

    { Sequel: } Mercer Frey is the leader of the Thieves Guild. The Guild was at a standstill. Nothing changed at all. Then when Brynjolf brought in a new thief, Mercer had his most prized possession stolen from him. Skyrim and it's characters, setting, guilds, etc. are NOT mine! Skyrim bel...

  • New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)
    8.4M 273K 104

    You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from next door, you never would have guessed who you're living next to... Romance is blooming, but it isn't all tiny boxes and rainbows. The Internet is...

  • Bishop x Nec
    718 25 4

    16 year-old vampire, Breton named Nec is looking for her sister Serana when she gets trapped in a weird fate that leads her to a ranger named Bishop, Bishop is a trained ranger and tracker who spends most his time with Nec forming their romance that Nec keeps rejecting due to her vampirism. I do not own Skyrim, the ro...

  • thu'um / skyrim writings
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    ❛ SWEET MOTHER, SWEET MOTHER SEND YOUR CHILD UNTO ME, FOR THE SINS OF THE UNWORTHY MUST BE BAPTISED IN BLOOD AND FEAR ❜ ↳ skyrim oneshots, gifs imagines, preferences, and drabbles for all your faves ↳ hello and thank you so much for deciding...

  • Andy Biersack's Daughter (A BVB Fanfiction)
    152K 4K 28

    Rachel is a 4 and half year old girl who is very advanced for her age and has no idea who her dad is. One day her mom leaves her with a note and on a strangers porch with her all her things. The man "Andy" takes her to the hospital for a DNA test and it's confirmed. she is Rachel Maria Biersack....will andy keep her o...

  • Adopted? | Andy Biersack
    60.3K 2K 46

    "and here you are living, despite it all" currently under major editing!! caution: I started writing this at around the age of 13 or 14, please ignore my terrible writing skills in the first few chapters.