• Minuteman
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    Pleasure beyond measure, that feels like it lasts a lifetime. But only lasts for merely, sixty seconds.

  • Addicted
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    Desiree McClain, is an internationally known supermodel and trophy wife to the most well paid and well respected attorney in the state of California, Matthew M...

  • Real Love
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    Step Sister's Kehlani & Justine Are Living In Hell. A World That Consist Of Abuse Both At The Hand Of The One Who's Supposed To Protect Them... Their Father...

  • limerence.
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    "asshole to the world, but never to your girl. " kehlani x chance the rapper.

  • i want you.
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    "i got everything I'm asking for // but you..." Giselle is tired of her husband's affairs and wants to fix their marriage by seeing an marriage counselor, ho...

  • Laying Pipe
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    Her thighs were spread apart, while her ass was in the air, on full display. I couldn't believe I was really about to bust my step mom open behind my dad's bac...

  • The Book of Womyn (Lesbian Stories)
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    "The Book of Womyn" is a collective of poems, letters and quotes I have written for the various womyn in my life. These womyn are past lovers, friends, family...

  • sisterhood // beyonce rihanna nicki minaj
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    sis·ter·hood ˈsistərˌho͝od/ noun 1. the relationship between sisters. 2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion...

  • Love in the Raw
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    Love is a powerful little four letter word and sometimes hard to define. It's meaning can be loaded and hard to unpack. You see love holds different feelings a...

  • Films And Photographs
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    You'd never think that a jock like him would be hiding that he was diagnosed with cancer You'd never think than an 18 year old guy with the seemingly 'perfect...