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  • The Magnate (Del Franco #2)
    7.3M 225K 49

    It's a fight between Kara and Matias Del Franco, the snobbish businessman who's building a property on her family's land. With neither of them willing to back down, who will eventually get what they are fighting for? Or will this complicated scenario lead them to something they have never asked for? *** Matias Del Fra...

    Completed   Mature
  • When It All Ends (COMPLETED)
    12.3M 287K 33

    "Didn't I promise you? I'll destroy anyone who dares hurt you." But then he left-taking my heart with him.

  • My Possessive Hot Professor (Possessive Series #2)
    9M 162K 58

    Lauren Cassidy Imperial, a junior college student who later had a very exciting yet complicated life after she met the 'God's gift to women' hot professor, Shiloh Seth Montreal. Every girl in the campus swoon over him. Including HER. But the hot professor befriends everyone... except HER. Let's find out together how...

  • Dating My Sister's Idol (The Neighbors Series #3)
    1.8M 44.1K 57

    The Neighbors Series #3 Highest Rank: #28 in Romance Mula nang maging fangirl si Brianna Rosales, wala na siyang ibang hiniling kundi ang makilala ng personal ang mga idols niya. Ilang beses na nga siyang pinagsabihan ng mga kaibigan niya na kaya siya hindi nagkaka-lovelife ay dahil masyado ng mataas ang standards niy...

  • Obnoxious Oxygen
    2.6M 112K 53

    Gabbana; the spoiled, self-centered, self-indulgent little brat. She who knows little about living, have bought so much in life. And when she thought she's the queen of the world who could have everything in a snap of a finger, there comes Oxygen - he who will make her realize you have to sweat for what you get.

  • Everything I Want [BOOK 1]
    3M 81.5K 47

    [COMPLETED] Alam niyang bawal, pero hindi pa rin napigilan ni Isabela Santiaguel na magkagusto sa Club DJ at certified playboy na si Arkhe Alvarez. She fell so hard for him that she became willing to give up everything she has in life - her riches, her power, her expected marriage to a billionaire. Ngunit sa isang hin...

  • The Bad Boy's Obsession
    9.7M 173K 60

    College student Christie unwillingly returns to her hometown because of her parents. As the shy new girl of Osmium University, all she wants is a normal campus life and maybe a friend. But her peace is shattered upon meeting the infamous bad boy who seems not as bad as the rumors say... *** Shy and awkward, nineteen-y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected Destiny
    2.9M 53.5K 41

    Hazel Joy Buenaventura is known as the feisty red-haired doctor who will play with anyone with a dick between their legs. Binansagan siyang resident playgirl at heartbreaker. Mas maraming beses pa raw siyang magpalit ng nobyo kaysa magpalit ng edad. Pero wala siyang pakialam sa lahat ng 'yon. Ang mahalaga ay kilala ni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Give In To You (GLS#3)
    116M 2.6M 65

    Portia Cecilia Ignacio is a model daughter. Siya na ang mahal na mahal ang kanyang mga magulang. Gagawin niya ang lahat para lang sa ikakasaya ng pamilya. She would climb mountains and swim vast oceans just for the happiness of her beloved parents and family. Pero minsan, sa sobra sobrang pagmamahal sa ibang tao, naka...

  • Just The Strings (COMPLETED)
    51.5M 1.4M 72

    All her life, Mary Imogen Suarez was led to believe that she should end up with Parker Adrian Palma. Na dapat, kay Parker lang siya. Na si Imogen ay para lang kay Parker. But the problem was, Parker never looked her way, at least, not the way she wanted him to. For him, she's just the best friend-and a reminder of som...

  • Endless Tears in Every Heartache [Completed:2016 ]
    2.8M 47.2K 51

    In which all you can do is cry because you've been fed with too much heartache. But the question is, until when will you continue crying? Until when will you let tears fall again and again? ©2016 [formerly entitled: TEARS FOR A HEARTLESS BILLIONAIRE]

  • The Gorgeous Nanny (The Neighbors Series #2)
    6.3M 129K 50

    The Neighbors Series #2 Highest Rank: #1 in General Fiction ** Meet the rich, gorgeous, hot and sexy Sapphire Briones. She loves to hang-out with her friends but most of the time, she's hanging out with a lot of guys. Yes, she is a playirl. You can always see her making-out with some random guys at the bar. Yes, she's...

  • Against the Heart (Azucarera Series #1)
    40.9M 1.4M 43

    Charlotta Yvonna del Real is the queen of Altagracia. Anak ng may-ari ng malaking Azucarera, she has it all - friends, popularity, riches, boys. But well, maybe, not all. May madilim na lihim ang kanyang pamilya. Isang bagay na hindi inaasahan para sa kanila. The deal Real's were always the epitome of a perfect family...

  • Fill Me More (More Trilogy # 3)
    2.2M 73.3K 27

    More Trilogy Book Three: Fill Me More (2018) Crisostomo Ibarra delos Santos wanted to be free from his father's claws. Lahat ay idinidikta nito sa buhay niya! Ultimo ang babaeng magugustuhan ay dapat rekomendado nito. Then, Maria Clara "Czarina" Flores came along while he's breaking free. Agad na sumibol ang damdaming...

  • The Unlucky Heiress (Silent Lips Series #1)
    1.2M 24.5K 43

    The Wattys 2019 Winner | Romance category Silent Lips Series #1 ** Zoey Grace Valderama is known to be the heiress of one of the richest magnates in the country. And because she's known, she doesn't have a private life. Everyone knows who she is, what she loves to do and how she treats people. That also includes the i...

  • Ang Misis Kong Astig!
    15.2M 314K 43

    The final book of ASTIG SERIES... Married life of extraordinary couple Blake and Alex Monteverde with additional spice from their naughty cutie daughter Cassandra Marlene. Ang Alalay Kong Astig- Book 1 Ang Syota Kong Astig- Book 2

  • My Tag Boyfriend (Season 3)
    4.7M 147K 51

    Inakala ni Kaizer at Sitti na magiging okay na sa kanila ang lahat dahil sa mahal na nila ang isa't-isa. Na hindi na lang pagkukunwari ang relasyon at nararamdaman nila at wala ng makakatibag sa kanilang pagiging mag-TB at TG at sa kanilang 'to infinity and beyond'. Pero magawa pa kaya nilang ipaglaban ang relasyon ni...

  • Come On, Make Me (COMPLETED)
    27.3M 1M 53

    It's hard to prove yourself when everyone thinks that everything's being given to you on a silver platter. And in Siobhan Margarette's case, she'll do everything to make everyone see that she's worth it. But what will she do if someone unexpected sees her worth? Will she stay and accept? Or will she continue pretendi...

  • Just This Once (COMPLETED)
    24.1M 785K 58

    Genesis thought she already found the love of her life. Bakit naman kasi hindi? They've been together for so long that she couldn't remember a time when she didn't know him. Akala niya sila na talaga. Malaki ang tiwala niya. She even put her life and dreams on pause para sa kanya... innocently believing that for him...

  • Almost, But Not Quite (COMPLETED)
    27.6M 1M 69

    From strangers to friends. From friends to close friends. From close friends to lovers. When Joey met Psalm, she didn't think that they'd ever be together. Paano ba naman, ex niya ang best friend nito! Psalm had seen her at her lowest, and she didn't think that there's a possibility of them being together... Pero hab...

  • A Love Like This (FFTB #2)
    2.8M 88.9K 86

    C O M P L E T E D --- Falling for the Billionairess Book 2. --- Siya si Meredith Balajadia, ang executive vice president ng Balajadia Industries, my boss, my fiancée and the love of my life. Ako si Ash Montesines, reformed basagulero at tomador, amazing assistant, awesome fiancé at guwapong-guwapong future COO at mil...

  • Good night, Enemy (Published under PSICOM)
    14.4M 652K 75

    (FHS#1) Braylee wants to make her friends happy, Denver wants to get some sleep. She's hell-bent on making the world a better place while he's desperate for some rest. When their paths crossed on a midnight bus ride, he finally found the remedy in her. But, it just so happens that he's the captain of their rival baske...

  • Falling For the Rockstar (COMPLETE)
    4.3M 103K 35

    MAJOR REVISION COMING SOON... Abbie has always been obsessed with Tony, ang school mate niya noong high school at ngayon ay isa ng sikat na lead guitarist ng international band na Crush! Tony was her life, he was everything to her until a car crash took her memories. The sweet and sassy girl disappeared. She has now...

  • The Bad Girl's Gentleman
    1.5M 9K 12

    What Gwen wants, Gwen gets. Iyan lamang ang simpleng rule ng buhay ng 17-year-old na si Gwen Guinto. She is your typical bad girl who breaks hearts on a regular basis. She is a spoiled rotten girl. Lahat ng bagay nakukuha niya. Kung may nakaharang, aalisin niya. She has to get what she wants. Whatever it takes. Basil...

  • Race's Obsession 1: HIS ✓ PUBLISHED!
    3.3M 18.3K 13

    C O M P L E T E D Highest Rank: #1 in GenFic ❝The racer's way to love.❞ ••• Imagine being an average high school student when a lady waited outside your house after school. She's desperate to talk to you because her son is in the hospital and he badly wishes to see you. Why? Well, it just happened that the son is the...

  • Why Do You Hate Me? (To be Published under Majesty Press)
    62.9M 1.3M 55

    If you hate something, would you change it? And if you change it, will you like it? Hindi alam ni Charity kung bakit ayaw na ayaw sa kanya ni Jayden Corpuz. Hindi pa kailanman ito nangyari sa buhay niya. Simula pagkabata, mahal na siya ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Ni isa, mapa babae o lalaki, wala siyang naging...

  • If This Lasts (If This #2) Published Under Bliss Books)
    3.9M 101K 34

    Three years. Ganoon katagal simula nung huli silang nagkita. Tatlong taon mula nang itulak niya ito palayo. Tatlong taon pero nalalasahan niya pa rin ang pait ng nakaraan. Three years ago, he lied to her. He made her believe! He took her heart and broke it! She should stop thinking about him. She should hate him to t...

    Completed   Mature