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  • Devoted To The Billionaire [BWWM]
    121K 4.7K 33

    They say that behind every successful billionaire is a strong & devoted PA. This billionaire Eli Bombay Founder & CEO of Bombay Enterprises Inc. found out that out the hard way when Sophia Daniels first became his PA. Explore the world of Eli Bombay & Sophia Daniels.

  • You Can't Make Me Love You (BWWM) Sample
    243K 8.5K 45

    "You can do it. Don't stop now." I said to myself as I continued to run. After 2 minutes my legs gave out and I fell. I quickly crawled and hid behind a tree breathing heavily trying to catch my breath. Once my breathing quiet down, I remained silent so I could listen to my surroundings. It was silent. The only thing...

  • Damaged || Chris brown and Zendaya fanfiction
    11.7K 469 13

    "You Can tell me, it's my job to help you,'' He Spoke moving closer to me. I could only stare. Why should I open up to him ? My own Family doesn't even know and that's been the plan. I don't need Sympathy from them or my friends. And especially not from a therapist. "I don't know what you're referring to,'' Shrugging...

  • Till I Met You (Ariana/You)
    410K 12.9K 51

    Ariana Grande gets everything she wants. Except her heart. What happens when a badass woman, whose eyes remind you of a secretive cunning cat, in nothing but a wedding gown, munching on a kitkat, walks down the street barefoot, on a windy day without a care in the world, with her high-heels dangling from her finger...

    Completed   Mature