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  • Sweet Spot
    6.3M 270K 40

    Sierra Lancaster has had an agonizingly mediocre life. She grew up in a happy home, made loyal friends, graduated college, and is now pursuing her dream of running her own bakery. Boring, right? A story like this wouldn't be one for the books. At least not until you bring a hot neighbour into the mix. A tall, brooding...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fever Claim
    6.5M 247K 45

    Is it possible to fall in love with your enemy? *** Rosemary never expected to be mated to the popular, sexy, and total hunk Gamma of her pack. She wants nothing to do with him but avoiding him isn't so easy. They are polar opposites and to be his in every way has got to be nothing more than a dream...or so she wants...

    Completed   Mature
  • Care to Command
    3.2M 133K 64

    Office enemies fight for the same promotion, while resisting their growing chemistry. LAYLA masks her insecurities behind perfectionism. The goofy girl who loved flowers and cooking for her parents is now a workaholic and out of touch with herself. All she's able to focus on is to get promoted so that she has a chance...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tame Me If You Can
    2M 81.8K 39

    After kissing an irresistible stranger, a young professor discovers her mystery crush is one of her new students. MIA is an emotionally unavailable woman, who's dedicated everything to becoming the youngest professor at her university. Growing up with a narcissistic mother taught her to hide behind sarcasm and sass, w...

    Completed   Mature
  • a thousand instincts (#1)
    3.9M 145K 60

    Life Lesson #1: If you are planning on going to a nightclub in the middle of sketchy, dark woods, don't. Life Lesson #2: If there are too many attractive, healthy people in said nightclub, be alarmed and rethink Life Lesson #1. Life Lesson #3: If you were foolish enough to ignore rules 1 and 2, I suggest you haul a...

  • My Best Friends Brother is my Mate (COMPLETED)
    2.8M 73.7K 49

    Book 1 On a werewolfs sixteenth birthday, they finally are granted the senses to seek out their mate. Alyssa and Amy have been friends all their life. Alyssa, the eldest of the two, never dreamed of her mate, instead she stayed shy and hopefully worked up enough money to afford to move away from her dead-beat parents...

  • I Hate That I Love You
    4.2M 112K 24

    Completed   Mature