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  • Overwatch Lemon Oneshots.
    121K 618 4

    Overwatch Lemons.

  • Son of the Dark (Male Sith Reader X Female Jedi)
    180K 2.7K 25

    Warrior... Killer... Survivor (Y/N) (L/N), descended from a generation of Sith, a mere relic of the Ancient Sith Empire is forced from hiding when he is found by the Supreme Leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Count Dooku. Impressed by the boy's skill with the Force. the Count indoctrinates him into the...

  • Star Wars: Birth of a Hero & a Monster
    231 11 9

    During the war between Jedi and Sith, sentient beings all across the galaxy were caught in the crossfire and the black market flourished due to the lack of attention from the republic. It seemed that only the upper class was safe from the chaos and those in poverty were forsaken and left to suffer and die. To quote Da...

  • Marvel's Gamer
    87.8K 2.2K 19

    Hey guys i'm back for another Gamer Story... Guess what i actually didn't come up with this idea... Actually it came from one of my followers and he needs to be mentioned because with out him i would have never gotten this far or come up with the ideas for our characters in general. tonyanime26 on Wattpad. Alright the...

  • Naruto: The Toad Sages Apprentice
    564K 14.2K 98

    Just for the record, I don't own any of this story or Naruto. I give all the credit to freowin. I will not repeat that I DO NOT own anything about this story. If you want to read his story go to and search Naruto The Toad Sages Apprentice. Naruto isn't placed on team 7, instead he is taken as Jiraiya's...

  • Behind the Mask (Female Jason X Male Reader)
    166K 3.8K 23

    You guys remember this story? I bet you do. If you don't, then enjoy~

    Completed   Mature
  • The Republic's Finest
    51 1 3

    Two young boys have lived their childhood out on Dantooine knowing they are different. They're faster and stronger than the others. They know things they shouldn't and can sense things that will and have been. They don't have a mother or father to guide them. They're father died when the elder was 9 and the younger 6...

  • How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments - A Guide
    1.2M 66.5K 7

    How do I get more reads, votes, and comments? If you find yourself asking that question, then I have some answers for you. What can you do to reach out to readers and potential readers? How can you encourage readers to comment and vote? What are all the different ways you can promote your stories? This #1 ranking...

  • Test Of Time Book 2: The Past Meets the Future
    3.5K 170 1

    SEQUEL TO A FATHER'S SON, DO NOT READ UNTIL YOU'VE READ THE FIRST STORY OR ELSE YOU WILL BE LOST! Luke is back in his own timeline; life has gone wonderfully for Anakin's family in the time Luke left behind. But at the same time that these two separate realities begin to merge into one, a deadly threat arises that thr...

  • Compliment Apocalypse
    71 1 2

    In a world where compliments means you're screwed. Where zombies and cannibals live in harmony and us humans have to fight to survive, join Mechiel and Bradley as they fight to survive the compliment apocalypse.

  • Wake Up Kid
    54 0 14

    11 year old Daniel suffered from vivid nightmares that may have leaked into reality.... will he ever find an end to his suffering

  • Heroes or Villains: Creepypasta
    4 0 1

    Some of us have a hero that gives us all a reason to continue doing what we can to help others. But what if the heroes you worshipped so much were actually villains of our world? You could say that they aren't the villains of our world. But the fact remains we never know who our true heroes are. Let's go on a journey...

  • Father & Son
    7.8K 341 10

    Anakin couldn't believe it. That evil man, the one they called Luke, was his son. Who could have made him this way? Who could have made him into a Sith? Cover Credit: xXImABookworkXx

  • Love Tips
    14.4K 284 36

    Love tips

  • What Could Have Been Part III: The Destined Warriors
    48.1K 2.3K 54

    Nineteen years before, Anakin Skywalker proved himself to be the Chosen One by destroying the Sith. Now there is a new threat and with it, a new prophecy; The Destined Warriors. As the children of the Chosen One, Luke and Leia Skywalker must defeat the Sith, Darth Midas and restore order to the galaxy once and for all...

  • What Could Have Been Part 2: Anakin's Trials
    85.2K 3.8K 40

    Eleven years after the birth of Luke and Leia Skywalker, their father ,Anakin, is faced with his greatest challenge yet; training his children. When the Skywalker family is assigned a mission to defeat the Sith once and for all, they will experience the trials of physical and emotional. Will their strong family bond b...

  • What Could Have Been Part I: Anakin's Decision
    168K 5.5K 21

    Face it. We've all thought about what would have happened if Anakin hadn't turned to the Dark Side. If the Emperor had been defeated. If Padme hadn't died. (You know you have.)

  • Binary Skies
    37.2K 1.3K 23

    Two Skywalkers raised under the burning Tatooine twin suns. Brought together by the Force across time and space, a father will become all that his orphaned son always wished for. Thrust together into a galaxy under the oppressive hold of the Empire, Luke and Anakin will form bonds that are unshakable through the trial...

  • Test of Time Book 1: A Father's Son
    229K 8.2K 33

    Luke was walking the halls of the Jedi Temple one day when he was suddenly swept up by the Force. Somehow he has found himself in the middle of a battle led by his father Anakin Skywalker and his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi twenty-three years prior. Given the chance to get to know his father before he became Vader...

  • Harigan Commandos
    12 0 2

    Deadshot has betrayed the Fireteam Crimson and has created his own Legion of Mercenaries known as the Harigan Commandos. The Harigan Commandos are strictly Hariganians. Kenoto being the Leader of the Crew has found his Native Clan's Descendants and has turned them into Warriors and now is feuding a war against Firetea...

  • Friday the 14th
    4 0 1

    The Story that is based on Friday the 13th. The Story is about a boy that was bullied and murdered by his cruel schoolmates. His Father named Gary Jackson was not happy and went on a murderous rampage to avenge his son's death. The Boy named Kendall Jackson was the victim but he would return from his grave after heari...

  • Redemption - A Star Wars Fanfic
    398K 11.9K 25

    *CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN W/ EXTENDED CHAPTERS, GRAMMAR AND SPELLING CORRECTIONS, AND PLOT HOLE FILLERS (ONLY CH 1-15 COMPLETED)* The war against the Empire is finally over...however, young Luke Skywalker's journey isn't over yet. What happens when the Force decides to send Luke back in time to stop his father's fal...

  • The Fireteam Crimson
    18 0 4

    The stories of the four legendary mercenaries with four different specializations that have faced many challenges and each other. The Leader of the Group was Blade, an Assassin that was betrayed by the very people he once fought along side with. Then there was Crack Shot, the Sniper Specialist he never missed a shot o...

  • Star Wars: Death of Command Squad
    37 0 4

    List of Command Squad Deaths In Order: 1: Major Duran: Way died: Killed by Darth Turav after learning that she killed all of his Imperial Commandos during the Assault on The Spire. 2: Colonel Kai: Way Died: Sacrifices himself after freeing his younger brother from General Tran. 3: C4-S3: Way Died: Gets destroyed by Da...

  • The Living Dead
    31 0 10

    Season 2 Storyline: With the Loss of the closest friends of Kendall's, Kendall now faces drama within the other survivors due to the lack of leadership since the losses. Without a confident leader Ryan steps in as Kendall's "Temporary Replacement" but it isn't smooth sailing for that Adam "Kendall's Second in Command"...

  • Shining Emerald (Book 1)
    476 44 11

    If you love Fairy Tail or any other anime/manga, then you will definitely love this story. After being chased by a Monster, Iesha and Lucky finally reached their destination, Litherium City to catch a crook for its bounty. A quest to be exact. But apparently someone else have the same quest as them. They stubble upo...

  • The Living Dead
    53 0 8

    Similar to The Walking Dead...... The Living Dead takes place in Nevada instead of Atlantic City. A Lieutenant of the Military, Lieutenant Kenny "Ken" Jordan woke up from his three month sleep in the Hospital and found the hospital completely abandoned as he adventures through the hospital he finds a door that has the...

  • Awesome Comebacks and Insults!
    1.4M 51.9K 101

    For those annoying ass motherfuckers that need to learn how to shut their mouth. Vote and Comment please :) Enjoy! :) ~ FarahTariqx WARNING// Please do not read if you're easily offended. Some of the content is really mean but that's kind of the point.

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Dark Empire
    10 0 1

    Four months after The Rise of the Rebellion, Po'twan adventures to Korriban to become Darth Po'twan and so he could get revenge on Darth Starkiller for what he did to him. While he is training Master Ky'sia his sister trains a new generation of Jedi on Tython and was deemed "Grandmaster of Tython's Jedi Forces* But ev...