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  • Falling for The Enemy, d.n[1]
    46.3K 2K 35

    Vanessa Mills is the daughter of Regina Mills and her first love, Daniel Colter, also known as the Stable Boy. Her magic may be dark, but her heart is one of the purest in the land. After Regina saved Snow White, she was forced by her own mother, Cora, to marry Snow's father, King Leopold, leading to her becoming the...

  • Apart but Together, d.n[2]
    9.5K 584 17

    Vanessa has finally been reunited with her love, daughter and now grandson, but is still not on good terms with her mother. Mr Gold, however, is out for Regina's blood and summons a Wraith with the intention to kill her. In an attempt to stop the Wraith, Vanessa, Harper, Emma and Mary Margaret are sucked into a portal...