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  • Only by Moonlight
    54.3K 2K 16

    ON HIATUS--my apologies! Due to some serious roommate problems, Bella Swan has to find new student housing mid-semester and fortunately finds a room to rent in a lovely Victorian home near the University of Chicago campus. But a set of mysterious circumstances set Bella on edge, challenging her beliefs about the after...

  • Still Dawn: The Saga Continues
    4.4M 24.5K 76

    My interpretation of what COULD happen after breaking dawn, I own nothing, Stephenie Meyer owns it all, Any Comments or suggestions gratefully recieved, I'm hoping to upload at least once a day, so please bare with me. Thanks For Reading! Please Join This Storys Page On Facebook, Just Search For Still Dawn: The Saga...

  • Crescent Sun: Twilight Saga After Breaking Dawn (2nd Place Watty Awards 2011)
    2.6M 30.5K 31

    Bella and Edward are living peacful after their fight with the Volturi. But a visit from the Denali's is going to change that. How is Bella going to react when she finds out that Tanya wants to steal the love of her life? Could Edward leave her to be with Tanya? Or will Tanya try to kill Bella so she will be out of th...

  • Changing The Future (On Hold)
    2M 21.8K 70

    What if Bella and Edward both got a set of four books called Twilight? Can Their future be changed? Can all the wrongs be done right? This is their story. Its not bad! Try it!

  • Esme's Diary
    248K 1.9K 30

    My name is Niki and this is my interpretation of what could have happened in Esme's life before Twilight and after Breaking dawn. Some of the content used has been sourced from Twilight lexicon. I own nothing, I am merely a fan continuing her love for the twilight saga!!!! All work, other than the twilight character n...

  • Pinned but Fluttering
    2.3M 29.5K 65

    After the death of both of her parents, Bella is left to the care of supposed friends of the family. But the longer she stays in their home, the more sinister events become. Family secrets leave her locked behind closed doors, both literally and metaphorically. And her one long-time ally has suddenly turned against he...