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  • On Valentines Day (Short Story)
    1.1K 14 1

    She hates Valentines Day, until.. Completed | Soft Copies Available Here: | ©WhatsernameGirl 2012

  • I Love You, BEST FRIEND (Short Story)
    1.8K 36 1

    Have you ever tried falling in love with your Best friend? Pero.. Akala mo, hanggang magBEST FRIEND lang kayo.. Akala mo, WALA KANG PAG-ASA sa kanya! Pero, AKALA mo lang yun.. In this story, you will discover a girl who's in love with her Best friend.. Will she HIDE her feelings for him? Will she GIVE UP her feelings...

  • Anonymous Lover (Short Story)
    953 18 1

    Have you guys ever tried receiving messages/letters from anonymous people? Well, if yes. Please do read this story. :D ♥ Completed | Soft Copies Available Here: | ©WhatsernameGirl 2012

  • Tayo na.... ( O N E - S H O T )
    1.2K 32 1

    Let's be friends first. :)

  • Heaven is My Home (Short Story- Complete)
    3.7K 119 6

    Complete na po ito.. Sana mabasa niyo. Pakibasa po muna ng Prologue bago ang Part I... Salamat! Namimigay po ko ng soft copy nito.. imessage lang ako ^_^

  • Be Enlightened Bebang, Abandon No Gale
    422K 2.8K 11

    Bebang, a former professor in the year 2000, when she founds out all the confidential and classified information about the Modus Institute, later on will be the supreme government in the world, has been already planned by the five powerful elites which will dominate the world. When her life was threatened, she agrees...

  • My Love for a Magician ~Completed
    71.7K 768 50

    It all started with a deal with her friends "Lokohin haggang ma in-love si Michael Salmonte until one day the table had already turn and she found herself in love with him and the saddest part is that he doesn't feel the same way. She left to move on but 10 years later she is still in love with the magician who chang...

  • Hello, Travis
    834K 19.6K 30

    I have an unknown caller and singer for a month now. And I guess, it's about time to know who she is.

    48.4K 881 38

    First love? pinagpalit ako sa bestfriend ko First boyfriend? Babaero pala. ipagsabay ba kaming limang babae. Ito kayang si THIRD? Siya na kaya ang last? Nakakatakot din kasing magmahal ulit... By the way his name is ETHAN... <3 (SOFT COPY AVAILABLE--become my FAN)

  • I'm in love with my Fake Boyfriend's Brother (Completed)
    71.3K 737 37

    Completed | Soft Copies Available Here: | ©WhatsernameGirl 2012

  • My Boyfriend is my......... COUSIN?! (REVISING)
    537K 7K 79

    Your Boy-Next-Door, Your seatmate, your classmate, your schoolmate, your soulmate, your bestfriend, your boyfriend .. now what ? YOUR COUSIN ??!!

  • Left Hand
    36.5K 1.7K 10

    Yuri is your usual loud-mouthed, short-tempered and authority aura-emitting student council president except for one thing: she has a secret -- that she herself didn't know. While waiting for the supposed-to-be sponsor of their school's upcoming festival, she experienced the most unexpected thing a normal student coun...

  • That Kind of a Guy: When Mr. Gangster Meets His Ms. Gangster[1] *under revision*
    3.1M 25.2K 81

    Started revision. Expect changes like; scenes, names, etc. Revision will be like an update, maybe once a week or twice. Leave new comments for revise edition.

  • Candied Feelings (Published)
    468K 12.6K 51

    Hindi siya GANGSTER, hindi siya HEARTTHROB, hindi siya MAYAMAN, hindi siya ARTISTA, hindi siya ang PINAKASIKAT na lalaki sa school, hindi siya GWAPO at wala siyang ABS, pero bakit ka mai-inlove sa kanya? Alamin ang kasagutan sa Candied Feelings. P129.75 lang, grab a copy now! ♡

  • Another Chance just for Love? (Book 1)
    1.8M 21K 52

    How many chances can you give just for love? ♥

  • Another Chance Just for Love (Book 2) : "Last Chance"
    811K 9K 28

    How many chances can you give just for love? The story continues... Will they ever get their Last Chance? ♥

  • Naming My Soulmate :">
    198K 3.7K 11

    What if one day ang nilikha mo sa kathang-isip mong Soulmate ay totoo pala? Will you really fall in love with that person?

  • Oo, Mahal Kita. Walang Magbabago ha? ♥
    914K 10.1K 47

    There will always be that person who will love you the most and never ever leave your side. No matter what. For most ups and downs. You’ll always be there. This is just your typical Love Story. ♥