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  • Watching Doctor Strange and MoM
    4K 107 3

    Having finished the Home trilogy, it's time for our group to continue watching the stories of their companions. Now for Doctor Strange's story List of previous books in bio :)

  • Watching the Home Trilogy
    12.5K 211 4

    Having now watched WandaVision, Infinity War and Endgame the group must now watch Spider-Man's story

  • Watching Infinity War and Endgame
    14K 272 4

    After finishing WandaVision and swapping out a few friends, it's time for the next look into the future

  • Watching WandaVision
    52.8K 1.4K 11

    The MCU characters are brought to a mysterious theaters to watch WandaVision #1 in WandaVision 4/14/22 #1 in WandaVision #9 in marvelcinamaticuniverse 4/24/22 #1 in WandaVision 5/8/22