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  • Exo Tao x Reader
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    I can't seem to find many exo Tao x readers so I decided on making one. If you want me to do another exo member x reader I am more than happy to do it !!! DESCRIPTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The exo members were out and about in the streets of Korea, going from resteraunt to resteraunt due to their large app...

  • Exo One Shots
    316K 7.8K 40

    “Raw love, like raw heartache, could blindside you.”

  • EXO One Shots
    402K 9.1K 53

    This is EXO One Shots! If you have any request, feel free to inbox me. I will try my best to fulfill your requests! ∩ˍ∩ The characters are EXO members. The story plots are all the result of my hardwork, if there is anything similar in your stories and mine, it is probably because of coincidence. All rights are reserve...

  • Sehun x Reader: Too Late? [EXO-Fanfic]
    9.4K 152 1

    Hey. Yoh, this is a fanfiction. If you ever read a story with the same plot as this, im sure it was a pure coincidence. Please keep reading ^_^ Enjoy.

  • I'll Protect You- Vocaloid fanfic
    21.3K 664 38

    "I'm always in trouble but i'm really glad because you're here to save and protect me" Miku Hatsune's life was very normal,she had BFF's,a very sweet broyfriend and has happy-go-lucky days at school But when she's suddenly drawn by this transfer student,she gets to encounter all kinds of trouble,who will protect her? ...

  • EXO Fanfic: LuhanxReader -- The Secret Admirer (One-Shot)
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    Just read, enjoy and of course, vote and comment ^__^