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  • Percy Jackson With DC Heroes
    25.5K 637 20

    Percy Jackson has lost everything. So she went home to spend time with her mom. But sadly their together was cut short causing her to go and live with the Wayne's. Will her mythological life ruin her chance at happiness? Will the Wayne's with the other heroes be able to recover from the harsh reality when they are bro...

  • The Lost Todd
    97.6K 1.7K 12

    Before she was Percy Jackson she was Persephone Todd younger sister to Jason Todd bu what happens when Jason tries to steal from the batmobile but ends up getting adopted forgetting about Pery until it's too late and she's being adopted, what will happen when they reunite? will she forgive her brother for forgetting h...

  • ||The Big Three||- DCxPJO
    6.8K 316 9

    Another Quest. Another Task. Another world?! What happens when three demigods are sent to a world the Gods had forgotten, to reopen Olympus? PJO x DC TW: Swears I guess? I'm very casual with them in this fic This is a horrifying description. Read to find out.

  • Why I Run (Fem. Percy Jackson x Young Justice)
    17K 410 22

    What if Percy was a girl? What if Sally wasn't her mom? What if Bruce Wayne adopted her when she was little? What if she had to run away from him? I own nothing. I probably screwed up the batman timeline. There will be young justice. I have never read a batman comic in my life, so if i get something wrong, please nice...

  • Uncle Bruce
    146K 4.3K 22

    Percy Jackson left Camp Halfblood after the Second Giant War killed the Seven, and many other campers, all of which she knew the names of. She returned home to find her mother, Paul, and her little sister dead. She was sent to live with her uncle, who hasn't seen her since she was six.

  • We'll Never Be Normal
    8.8K 289 9

    Percy and Dick Grayson were just two children of the circus until their big performance. The fate of their family led them to being taken in by Bruce Wayne. One night they find something that changes their lives forever, The Batcave. Now they help Gotham by fighting the criminals as Robin and Starling. Growing up is...

  • Sister of Robin (book one in a series)
    335K 8.5K 27

    The Waynes a family built upon secrets. Everyone thought that Damian had horrible female figures in his life. However after Jason discovers Damian drawing a women in a dress, a two scars over her left eye, and long flowing hair. Now the family questions their original thoughts of Damian's prior life. Their questions o...

  • Lost Hero
    289K 9.6K 38

    After the wars, after all the people she lost, Percy was tired. She was done with the mythical world, all she wanted was peace. So she returned home to her mother's apartment. But she couldn't stand the looks she was given by her mother, the pitying looks. So she moved away from everything she knew and everything that...

  • little girl
    87.7K 1.6K 17

    a three year old with brown hair and blue eyes covered in blood and cuts wandering the streets of Gotham one cold dark night Batman Robin Red Hood Red Robin and Nightwing stumble on her one night when Batman almost hits her with his car what's your name he asked i-i don't know she said

  • 𝙵𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚂𝚑𝚊𝚍𝚘𝚠𝚜 (Under Heavy Editing)
    303K 9.9K 25

    How does one function without family? (On a temp hiatus for editing's sake)

  • I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x YJ)
    493K 9.9K 53

    Persephone 'Percy' Jackson. A simple name in the mortal world. In the godly world, not so much. In the godly world Percy Jackson was famous, praised, and adored. Why? She's save the world. Not just once, but twice! After saving the world for the second time she'd had enough. She left camp, not that she had anyone to...

  • Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackson X YJ)
    1M 31.9K 72

    Percy Jackson was tired of the hero gig. It was bloody and messy and had only ever left her bodies to count and memories she wished she could forget. After being imprisoned in Hell, she is granted her freedom. But gods. She almost wishes she could go back. Her freedom had come at much too high a cost... When she fina...

  • The Sea and the Sun
    22K 526 6

    Percy and Roy are dating. Set after the giant war. Roy is a son of Apollo.

  • Oceans Wrath (A Percy Jackson/Young Justice crossover) Book 1
    132K 3.2K 25

    The Daughter of an interdimensional conqueror. A New God. An Amazon Demigoddess Warrior Princess who ascends to higher status. Lost Kryptonians, reuniting. The Devil and the man who tricked him, his rulers and his Father, working together. A new pantheon of old Olympians. The old God of War, and the New God of War. A...

  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians meet Young Justice
    68.5K 1.1K 27

    >>> Percy was planning on having a normal life. Well as normal as it can get with being the most powerful demigod in a millennia.He wanted to complete high school at Goode and attend collage in New Rome with his Wise Girl. He wanted peace. 𝐁𝐮𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐨𝐨.He had to be hunted by superheroes because his life wasn't hec...

  • Family of secrets (Fem!PercyXDC)
    264K 7.5K 55

    What if Percy was a girl and the biological niece of Bruce Wayne? What if the whole story was a bit different? Persephone was never a normal girl not before she found out she was a Halfblood and not after. As she was nine she began to have mor secrets towards her family for their protection, what she didnt know was...

  • The Eye of the Storm
    21.1K 455 11

    Never once did Percy think that after the war with Gaea Annabeth would not want to be together anymore, but sometimes the trauma is too much. After Tartarus "Camp Half Bloods Power Couple" started to fall apart. It is hard to make it work when you are both afraid of each other. Piper and Jason. The make-believe cou...

  • The babysitter
    1M 38.2K 58

    Percy Jackson finally gets a break. And where did she go? The most crime ridden city in the world, Gotham. Since Percy won two wars, she wanted to get away from her past. But since she needs a job, she took up a job, apparently babysitting a demon according to the people around her. She's babysitting Damian and Tim W...

  • Percy's moral father
    27.6K 579 10

    Percy Jackson discovers that Poseidon had tried to conceal his identity. Through the use of Bruce Wayne's body. So that he would have a mortal father.

  • A New Family???- Percy Jackson & Batfamily fanfic
    8.4K 252 6

    Edit 4/1/ 2024 - This Story is being re-written. The New name is called "A Place to belong(once more)". It can be found under this same account if searching for it is difficult. I apologize for how long it has been to all of the old readers but I hope you enjoy the new version much better. *The title is a bit of a wor...

  • Family Ties {Batfamx PJO}
    37.7K 1.1K 7

    - When one night young Percy's mother is brutally murdered by her step-father the big bad bat can't find it within himself to send her into the system. So now he has two wards. For now. Started December 29, 2020

  • Perseus Wayne
    151K 2.7K 22

    what if percy wasn't able to save his mom? what if he finds out his mom has a older brother and starts to live with his uncle? read to find out more ♪───────♪ 2023 edit: full disclaimer before you start reading i made this in 2020 on a whim so the story isn't really fully fleshed out and the plot wasnt even fully dev...

  • Blue robin -- Percy Jackson batman crossover -- The Olympian Heroes Book one
    254K 6.9K 34

    Ten year old Percy Jackson is just an ordinary boy but one night when is mom is murdered in front of him and his step-dad is unwilling to take care of him his muti-millionaire uncle steps In. Book one of the Olympian Heroes Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or batman (unfortunately) all characters go to rick and...

  • ATLOP: Trial by Fire
    241K 8.9K 39

    Percy was having a normal day at the beach, until he decided to try to waterbend like Katara from his favorite show. Problem is, he succeeds. Now he has to figure out how to waterbend, and keep the normal people from finding out they have a waterbender in their midst. Finding out he's actually a child of Poseidon will...

  • All at Sea
    220K 6.5K 27

    Percy fits the bill for Gotham's very favorite family for the heroic with miserably mysterious pasts. Getting placed in the custody of the Crown Prince of Gotham closes a door and opens another. Add half a dozen "roommates" to the mix and chaos ensues. Hyperactive teens, emotionally stunted father figures, and a high...

  • Princess of the Sea (Fem Percy x YJ)
    196K 5.2K 30

    Children of Poseidon are automatically in line for a throne in one of the Atlantean city-states, something that has not happened since before the Oath of the Big Three. Since then, Atlantis has rallied under one king with only a few scattered cities ruling independent. Thus was King Orin's rule. Percy is the first Pos...

  • My life outside the Mythical World
    189K 4.8K 60

    We all know about the demigod life of Persephone (Percy) Jackson. How she defeated Kronos, lost her memories, went to Camp Jupiter, and fought the Earth Mother. But did you know about her life outside of Camp Half-Blood? How she was adopted by Bruce Wayne the billionaire after her mother was killed by her step-father...

  • Agents of Olympus
    170K 5.5K 24

    CURRENTLY UNDER REWITE!!! IF ALL GOES WELL, WILL PUBLISH IN SUMMER OF 2024!!!! Seven years ago, Percy ran away from home because of a broken heart and a burden that weighs her down day by day Seven years later, she returned to the mortal world, not as herself but as someone else. The world needs her; her, and every av...

  • My Uncle is Bruce Wayne
    187K 4K 13

    War usually never ends without blood being shed. The Greeks and Romans may have won the war but Percy Jackson has lost everything. His friends, the love of his life and his mortal family. In this supposed peaceful world, he only has the gods and his newborn sister, Estelle Blofis. Until Bruce Wayne comes into the pict...

  • Roses || Percy Jackson DC Crossover
    147K 4.5K 24

    ❝ Delaying death is one of my favourite hobbies.❞ After years of beging single Percy Jackson decided it's about time she signed up for a dating app. She surprisingly hit off with a certain mechanical engineer.