I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x YJ)

I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x YJ)

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Persephone 'Percy' Jackson.

A simple name in the mortal world. In the godly world, not so much. In the godly world Percy Jackson was famous, praised, and adored. Why? She's save the world. Not just once, but twice! 

After saving the world for the second time she'd had enough. She left camp, not that she had anyone to stay for anymore. Sadly, the price of winning the Second Giant War has been high, very high. 

When an old friend contacts her Percy knew that even beyond the godly world and into the mortal one her life would be everything but normal. She realized that once you venture into the hero's ways, there was no going back. 

Now as Wonder Woman's protégé, Percy returns to help the world once again, but now with new allies. 

Just for the plots sake, Percy is going to be 15.
Sorry if any of the characters are OOC (Out Of Character)

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