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  • dan and phil facts
    2.5M 100K 203

    everything you need to know about d-hizzle and p-lizzle highest rank: #1 in random cover by: @pornhubjoseph

  • Phan One Shots
    5.5K 100 3

    Just some little short stories I made while writing my books :) Hope you like them! (warning, can be graphic)

  • I'm Philicity (Transgender Phanfic)
    6.4K 305 10

    Phil always felt like the outsider at school. Because she was born a boy. Phil was transgender. She would always try to fit in and 'be a man' as they say but it wasn't who she wanted to be. She wanted to be Philicity. Being too scared to come out she goes to the support of her friend Louise who more than willingly...

  • My Name Is Dan➸phan
    155K 7.8K 28

    phan au. - -inspired by 'transgender' and 'call me dan' - - started:september 23 2015 ended:december 10 2015

  • transgender ➳ phan
    17.3M 689K 197

    my name is dan, not danielle × somewhat based off of the short film boy (HIGHEST RANKING: #2 in fanfiction)

  • call me dan ➳ phan
    10.8M 325K 192

    just when the catipillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly × sequel to 'transgender' {HIGHEST RANKING #3}

  • LOST
    63.8K 2.3K 30

    "so you're straight?" "completely." "fuck." [COMPLETED]

  • arms // {phan}
    889K 35.3K 18

    Summary: Dan draws, Phil doesn't. Phil wears black shirts, speaks loudly, and glares at everyone. Dan wears grey jumpers, doesn't talk, and tries to stay invisible. Phil's reckless, Dan's not. This is as story about two polar opposites who mange to have a string of first times together, and maybe even a cute love...

  • Up All Night // phan
    790K 42.1K 21

    Dan Howell is an insomniac....who's scared of the dark. Only a little bit. One late night (or early morning), he decides to venture out and explore London at its quietest. He meets Phil Lester at an all-night coffee shop, and the two quickly become friends. As the friendship continues to grow, Dan has to begin facing...

  • another side ➳ phan
    39.9K 2.2K 4

    it's only a game. isn't it?

  • Bad Boys Don't Smile / phan
    2.5M 125K 24

    Phil Lester is sweet and cute; known for his kindness and enthusiasm. Dan Howell is a tough, cold outsider; known as the school's stereotypical 'bad boy'. But if he's so bad, then why on earth did he rescue Phil Lester and give him a smile which would melt anyone's heart?

  • moods / phan
    2.3M 127K 39

    in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be lacking this. labelled as an emotionless freak, dan is outcasted because his moods are never visible. that is, until an endlessly happy boy named phi...

  • blurry face - phan
    2.3M 152K 46

    " my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they are always a blur. The doctors nicknamed it 'blurry face', and there's absolutely nothing they can do about it; Dan will have to live without faces. That is, unti...

  • pastel prince ; phan
    121K 5.5K 47

    [pastel dan/punk phil] dan howell; an internet sensation, blogger and self proclaimed 'pastel prince'. phil Lester; the mastermind behind the city, technical crime-lord and overall coffee indulger. their paths never were supposed to cross, but sometimes paths are never certain. pastel prince// pastel dan + punk phil...

  • Just by Chance- Phan AU
    193K 7.9K 19

    Dan is that kid. The popular boy that every girl swoons over, that everyone wants to be friends with, the boy that's a complete jerk to anyone lower on the totem pole. But deep down, he's just trying to hide and ignore his own secret- that he's gay. Phil is Dan's usual target. Openly gay, awkward, and nerdy, he seems...

  • Pest//phan au
    199K 8.7K 27

    Dan Howell has never been the most social person. He can't be touched, or else he has a major panic attack; he's cold and distant to everyone except his best friend, Cat; all he ever really does is study. One day, an unusually perky boy moves to town and becomes extremely interested in Dan. TRIGGER WARNING: panic atta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Llamas, Lions and Hippogriffs
    2.8K 138 3

    When Phil Lester moves to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he's expecting to go unnoticed in the crowded hallways but little does he know that maybe he might fall in love.

  • Kiss Me (Phanfic)
    25.6K 1K 4

    A/N: So this story has surpassed my Transgender fic.. holy shit. I wrote this when i was 14 and its shit, why do yall like it?? lol none the less, thank you.) Dan and Phil were celebrating their 6 year anniversary with the fans on YouNow. But Dan wasn't focusing because he wanted something more than 6 years of friends...

  • You're The Straw To My Berry (Phan)
    5.1M 187K 53

    Part 1 of the infamous series. Feelings appear. Sparks fly. Love rises. Problems occur. Please note: This story is now very old (7 years old in 2020) and I'd like to think my writing has improved since then! There are a bunch of cringey parts and bad writing in here, but enjoy and thanks for reading! :)

  • Kik || Phan
    1.7M 74K 50

    "New Kik Message!" Amazingphil: hello human bean Danisnotonfire: go away I suck at summaries but give this story a try {other celebrities mentioned} ****TRIGGER WARNING****

  • lovely boy ; phan [ completed ]
    142K 6.9K 15

    dan was shy; phil wanted to change that. d+p high school a.u., including bold!phil and shyartist!dan © 2015 -oceanrising

  • Nothing Burns Like the Cold (Phan)
    250K 13.5K 22

    Phil Lester is 'special', having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy, which was built to harbor students with magical abilities. Here, he meets Dan Howell, a cold and distant pyromaniac who doesn't get close to anyone...

  • tune you out // phan
    58.8K 3.2K 10

    a soulmate au where on your 15th birthday your soulmate's favorite song at the time is stuck in your head, featuring pan!phil and a sexually confused dan warnings: swearing also, this is my first phanfiction so I'm not sure how this will turn out

  • Everything Is Ephemeral - phan
    210K 13.2K 8

    Dan Howell secretly loves Phil Lester. Phil Lester secretly loves Dan Howell. Dan Howell is bullied. Phil Lester is best friends with Dan's bully. Dan Howell wants to die. Phil Lester is too afraid to stop him.