BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios

By MoonChild006

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💥Bakugo💥 🦈Kirishima🦈 ⚡️Denki⚡️ ❄️Todoroki🔥 🥦Deku🥦 💜Shinsou💜 🌊Sero🌊 💙Iida💙 More

His Favorite outfit on you
Your Favorite outfit on him
When they want attention
Favorite Disney movies
Favorite movie in general
When he's worried about you #1
Couple songs (Disney)
Blanket he buys you
Your Dorm room
How you guys cuddle
Cute date spot he made
✨Their aesthetics✨
Couple songs
When your sick
Your wallpaper
His wallpaper
Who's your bestie
Plushie he buys you
Small pet you have in your dorm room
You guys summer job together
Bathing suit he bought you
When he picks out your outfit
Dating Katsuki Bakugo would include
Dating Eijiro Kirishima would include
Dating Denk Kaminari would include
Dating Izuku Midoriya would include
Dating Shoto Todoroki would include
Dating Hitoshi Shinsou would include
His face when he walks in on you changing
The hoodie you stole from him
Hoodie you stole from him part 2
Hoodie you stole from him part 3
Just to let you guys know
First fight part 1
First fight part 2
The aftermath
Making up
Disney AU
Your makeout playlist
Matching outfits
Moana AU
Adult show you guys watch together
How you guys spent 4th of july
Favorite Studio Ghibli movie
His favorite fruit
Something that bothers him a lot
When you pick out his outfit
What he smells like
His favorite kind of date
How he finds out about your period
Period headcannons
Disney marathon list
Who's your family
1st Anniversary gifts
When you fail a test
Anime you guys binge together
When your family walks in on you guys making out
Your house (Katsuki)
Your house (Eijiro)
Your house (Kaminari)
Your house (Izuku)
Your house (Shoto)
Your house (Hitoshi)
Happy Birthday Izuku
His house (Katsuki)
His house (Eijiro)
His house (Kaminari)
His house (Izuku)
His house (Shoto)
His house (Hitoshi)
Please let me know
Weird 3am texts
When you have a nightmare
Disney Cosplays
His favorite candy
Matching pajamas
Disney song that describes him
His singing voice
Where your 1st date was
Bathing suit you bought him
Shopping headcannons
When you draw him a picture
When he finds your "Secret thing"
When you're sad headcannons
When he's worried about you #2
Summer vacation spots
His favorite Chapstick flavor
His favorite Pocky flavor
New character
Hanta Sero catch up part.1
Hanta Sero catch up part.2
Hanta Sero catch up part 4
Happy Birthday Hanta Sero
When you get harassed
Bad day headcannons
Jokes you tell him
When he's sad headcannons
When he gets sick
1st "I love you"
When you get a piercing
Important A/N
Halloween costumes
Halloween night
I'm so dumb
His christmas gift for you
Your Christmas gift for him/His reaction
Winter break vacation spots
When he asks for your parents blessing
Prom outfits
Prom slow dance song
Graduation Pictures
1st Apartment (Bakugo)
1st Apartment (Kirishima)
1st Apartment (Denki)
1st Apartment (Deku)
1st Apartment (Todoroki)
1st Apartment (Shinsou)
1st Apartment (Sero)
Engagement ring
Hero you work with
Proposal attempt #1
Proposal attempt #2
How his family reacted
How your family reacted
New book
Iida catch up #1
Iida catch up #2
Iida catch up #3
Iida catch up #4
Iida catch up #5
Happy Birthday Katsuki!!
Your Quirk
Happy Pride!!
My future on this app
Quick chat with you guys
400 special (update)

Hanta Sero catch up part 3

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By MoonChild006

Your house:


Living room:


Dining room:

Your room:





Laundry room:

His house:


Living room:


Dining room:

His room:

His closet:

His bathroom:



Laundry room:

Weird 3am texts:

Babeeeeee!Hantaaaaaaa!I have a questionnn!
Sent 3:25am

Yeah cookie?
Sent 3:26am

Ya know the pro hero Hawks?
Sent 3:26am

Sent 3:27am

Well if he were to eat any kind of chicken would that be cannibalism?
Sent 3:28am

Actually I think so!lmao!
Sent 3:28am

When you have a nightmare:
H-Hanta y-you can't die!We have so much to look f-forward to in our life!Please don't g-go!"

Sero coughed up some blood

"I'm s-so sorry Cookie...I-I want to be there for you *cough* b-but I can't!*cough*

"Hanta!NO!P-please" you said fully sobbing now,not sure if you'd ever stop

I'm so sorry cooki-..."




Cookie!Heyyyy!COOKIE WAKE UP!

"HANTA!" You said shooting up in bed and frantically looking around

"Babe?!Cookie!What happened?!" He said pulling you close to him

"I-I had the worst dream ever!You died and I was so helpless!It was all my fault!" You sobbed into the crook of his neck

"Shhhhhhhh it's ok cookie.I'm here now ok?
Nothing is gonna happen to you or me ok?"

"O-ok babe.Lets go to sleep..."

"Good deal babe." He said pulling you to his chest

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