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Writing about Horns

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By Mysterious_Creatures

Overall Representation

First of all, depending on size and shape they can be very difficult to manage. From problems such as clothing to hair brushing. Shown below are some of the many different horn types.

Now clearly - The upright, sharp and large horn types will be a pain to have on an everyday basis. Little things that we take for granted will be affected. For example - Driving a car would be difficult with large horns because they would scratch the roof of the car. The same goes for walking through doorways, since they may catch their horns on the doorway.

Curved horns and smaller horn types may also be a problem though. In the context of hair, having horns that curve around the ears will make washing and brushing that hair difficult. They may also get things easily stuck on their horns and find it difficult to remove said objects.

Let's use this picture above as an example. The way the horns curve back and down means that hair is easily caught between the skull and the horns, which makes washing and brushing these sections difficult. When it comes to washing the hair in general, it may also cut or injure the person if they do not do it right.

Horns can also be decorated and praised though. Rings and bands can be added to the horns like bracelets and used as a sign of wealth. The overall colour, shape and size of the horns being a sign of power and health. Horns with a more defined colour and healthier texture often only belong to healthy and powerful individuals.



The development of Horns is also sometimes greatly misunderstood. Creatures are not born with them. Instead horns grow in over a long period of time and break through skin to start this growth. This growth process depends on the individual and species, and can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years until a stump is seen developing. Demons for example may develop their horns and grow them for the rest of their life. While Deer only start to grow horns when they hit maturity, and is only present in male deer.

They are also tough and made of solid bone, so having them removed completely will be extremely painful and difficult preform without causing a casualty. Horns can be sawn off though, and in some cases (for example - Deer) they fall off naturally. This is different to removing them entirely, because there are still stumps left from which the new horns can begin to grow; where as removing entirely them pulls them out of their place in the skull. Some creatures do not regrow their horns though, so if they are sawn off they will forever be left with stumps.

Additional to this, Horns in many places across the world can be sold for lots of uses, so consider this when writing your story. Think about whether or not this applies to your world as well. If a character may be hunted down for having horns, will they try to hide them? Cover them up? Or saw them off themselves to avoid someone else removing them?



Horns are like hair in a way, they need to be carefully taken care of and washed to avoid them getting dirty or infected. Horns will also shed particles of old bone while they are growing (like dandruff) this need to be washed off and out of the hair to avoid it building up and attracting bacteria.
The base of the horns (Where they grow out of the body) needs to be kept clean and healthy too. If that section of the body gets infected then the horn may die and fall out. And finally, horns often need to be filed down or clipped slightly to avoid the ends of them getting blunt, or too sharp.

Adapting your world to your characters is really important, and allows the reader to have a feeling of how different the world is compared to ours. But it is also important to make the world logical and operational. A character with horns does not just 'put on a hat', no, they wish it would be that easy. Instead they struggle with many everyday things due to their horns and it's important that these things are either addressed or solved in a story. So make sure to have these things looked at within your story, either creating a world where hats have holes for horns, or creating a character who struggles with the fact that they don't. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you all.

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