my kpop shifting log, script...

By sexycumsoda

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hii, i havent shifted yet but ive had some close experiences so ill be sharing my shifting journey along with... More

introduction :))
my script part #1
my script part #3 (locations)
my script part #4 (locations)
my script part #5 (wardrobe)
shifting method i use
my shifting routine
some shifting tips :)
shifting log 1/29/21
some shifting links
ty :)) and scripting extras
checking up on you guys!

my script part #2 (locations)

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By sexycumsoda

hi baes :P

okay so today im gonna be doing my second part of my script, and as i said in the last part this part is mostly about where ill be living and different locations :))

also make sure to take care of yourselves !! please drink some water, brush your teeth, eat something because youre important <33 


I live with blackpink, bts, ikon, and twice


(but somewhat bigger lol)

When you enter you see:

(a little less fancy tho, it being somewhat plain and a mix with the second picture layout)

Kitchen to the left:

(somewhat like this)

Living room to the right:

(a mix layout of all these 3 photos)

Dining room also to the left:

(more simple and less walls and no chandelier) 

my bedroom: 

my closet:

(somewhat like this, looks similar to my my bedroom walls, and has fairy lights around the room, and no chandelier) 

my bathroom:

other rooms (contain a mix of these and more):

bathrooms throughout the house:

(and 3 more just finding pictures can be a bit difficult lol)

recording studio:

(i only decided to put one recoding studio :P)

My nail room:

(at the group house, its straight and to the right of the dining room)

(i have all the nail supplies i have in my nail studio in my nail room)

okay so ive reached the limit for pictures soo ill be uploading the part three shortly!! 

also sorry for taking such a long time to update i had to make up so much school work :( but ill be uploading as much as possible from now on :D

later baes <33

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