Believe Me I'm An Angel

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©SweetStar07 || 2012

Do you believe in ANGELS? 

The one with the white wings and halo.

The one that was from heaven above. 

The one that was believed to be pure and saint.

Do you believe they really exist?

Would believe me if I tell you they really exist?

And that I am one of them?

Hi! I'm KATRINA. and believe me I'm an ANGEL.  v ^_____^


NEW STORY! UHH. FOR THE NTH TIME! HAHAHA. Sorry, guys! Pero eto talaga, pipilitin ko tapusin kahit na maigsi :) Before magresume ang klase ko next year, goal ko na tapusin ito. ;) First na sobrang fictional itong story kong ito. Haha!

Inspiration ko ang She Died ni HaveYouSeenThisGirl at ang anime na Angel Beats and so on. ;)) So please support!! Read, vote and comment guys! Xoxo. <3

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