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                I  winced when Emily slapped some ice wrapped in a tea towel onto my lower back without even a word of apology, not that I deserved one, to be honest.

                “Do you always attack ex-boyfriends, like that?” I asked curiously as I felt the ice ease the throbbing pain.

She didn’t even reply, all she did was sit in the plush seat by my desk and glare at me with those marvellous green eyes. They were alive with passion; hatred, anger, vehemence – the need to push me out the window and bury me alive. I loved it, I loved her eyes, I loved her.

                “I suppose you knew about this,” she snapped to Bobby who stood by my window wall, admiring the view.

                “I would be lying if I said no,” he replied with a ghost of a grin in my direction.

I smiled downwardly then sneaked another peek at Emily. She was absolutely breath-taking; jeans, sweater, hair flowing down her back, nothing had changed – age had only graced her with more beauty.

                “Em –”

We were interrupted by a knock on the door. Naturally, I straightened and donned an expression better suited to my title here at Yorkshire & Co.

Cameron Johnson poked his head in briefly, met my eyes then glanced at Emily. With our silent agreement acknowledged, he walked into the room with an air of intimidation to match Bobby’s. Cameron, my partner was the millionaire who truly built this empire. He had put his family money to good use and created Yorkshire & Co. after recruiting me as his co-founder. He was extremely quiet if not spoken to, pale with black hair and black eyes. He was half Korean, an advantage for us today with the Korean partnership we were hoping to nail.

                He was carrying what I assumed to be my suit, all wrapped up. “Miss Margot,” he greeted with a slight bow of the head. He was so polite. “Mr McMillian,” he did the same to Bobby who nodded his head in return. “If you could follow me into my office,” he instructed with a natural tone of voice that warned you not to challenge him.

                “Of course,” Bobby said and placed a hand on Emily’s shoulder.

Emily was still staring at me but I refused to meet her eyes.

                “Your suit,” Cameron said meeting my eyes. “Fifteen minutes,” he added and I nodded my head once in understanding.

When Emily and Bobby were safely out of my office and out of earshot, Cameron turned to me again with a teasing smile.

                “So, that’s your ex-girlfriend?” he questioned.

                I made a face as he fell back into his casual-non-business-like self. “Did you have fun entertaining the visitors while I was here, being violently assaulted?” I snapped.

                He snorted. “Hurry up and get that suit on, they’re expecting us to be punctual and efficient and we both know how sloppy you can be in these things,” he teased again.

                “Hey,” I barked walking around my desk and disposing of the ice-pack. “That was a one-time thing and she asked for a demonstration, okay, not my fault,” I muttered refusing to remember that awful first meeting.

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