02; at his mercy

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I'm going to keep my mouth shut and everything's going to be okay.

You knew you were lying to yourself, but right now, that lie was the only thing keeping you sane. The dark, misty opening had turned out to be a portal of sorts. You'd been brought back into what looked to be a run-down bar. There was only one other person inside—a man posing as the bartender, a good portion of his body resembling the misty portal you'd just come from.

"Shigaraki Tomura," the man spoke. "Who is this girl?"

Shigaraki, Shigaraki... where had you heard that name? You were positive you'd heard it before. The blue-haired villain who'd pulled you in—Shigaraki, by how the other man had addressed him—grunted irritably and pulled you forward, still keeping one of his fingers poised and ready to descend upon your skin.

"I don't know," he admitted. "I was going to kill her, but I decided not to for some reason. I thought it might be more fun to keep her around for a bit. That damn Hero Killer's really been pissing me off... sure could use a distraction."

The Hero Killer, who'd just been arrested, and that outbreak of strange creatures, dubbed "Nomus", back in Hosu district. There was some sort of connection between the two of them. They were both villains, weren't they? But then why was he speaking of the other with such distaste?

Shigaraki squeezed your wrist and glared. "Hey, quit dragging your feet. Are you asking to be killed, or what? Come sit at the bar."


You bowed your head and followed, taking a seat just beside him. The man at the bar was staring at you in confusion, though it was near impossible to make out his expression through all the mist. Shigaraki had addressed him through the phone as Kurogiri, or something. His name didn't ring any bells, so then why did Shigaraki sound so familiar?

"I'm still not understanding," Kurogiri sighed. "If you don't know her Quirk or if she may be useful to us, what is the point in bringing her back here? We've only just managed to recruit more members for the League. I'm not sure how they'd feel about their leader kidnapping someone for his own amusement."

The League? They can't mean... oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck

"Shut up," Shigaraki snapped. "I told you, I'm trying to figure it out. Everything's been pissing me off right now. I need some damn stress relief."

You were probably that stress relief. Was he going to torture you until he got bored of it? If that was the case, you would've been better off dying earlier. You wanted to cry, but again, the tears just wouldn't come. Out of fear.

Kurogiri didn't say anything else on the matter, instead handing his leader a glass filled with amber liquid. Shigaraki scrunched up his brows and slowly sipped at his drink. He didn't seem much for the taste of alcohol, but he kept on drinking anyways. A guy like this probably had many things he wanted to forget.

"What's your name?" Shigaraki finally asked you. For a moment, you thought he might've forgotten about you altogether, but you weren't quite so lucky.

"[Name]," you replied immediately. It didn't even occur to you to lie. You figured you'd regret trying to do anything of the sort very quickly.

He took another sip of his drink. "You're pretty. I wonder what you'd look like, crumbling up into pieces. Would you still be pretty then?"

What the fuck am I supposed to say to that?!

"Um... thank you for the compliment," you said stupidly. He thought you were pretty. A cute little thing to have around. Okay. That was okay. You could work with that. Him kidnapping women and bringing them back to his hideout must not have been a regular occurrence, based on how Kurogiri had reacted. Since that was the case, he must have taken an interest in you. Something about you had drawn him in. If you played nice, perhaps he wouldn't get bored too quickly and break you.

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