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This year has been so rough

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This year has been so rough . I have been through so much . My mental health is deteriorating everyday. To make matters worse , I just keep losing important people in my life. Atp, I just feel so alone. I don't know if y'all understand the pain of being lonely, not having anyone to talk to , or not even having someone to love . 2 days ago , I lost one of my closest brothers. He meant the world to me . He was always there for me, supported and cared about me. I'll never forgive myself for not going to see him one last time that faithful day. That was one of my strongest support systems and some senseless killer just took him from me , his 2 kids, and other loved ones.That shit really changed and makes me scared that anyone in my life can leave me . I can't handle that kind of hurt, especially when its someone you love dearly and they know everything you've been dealing w. I'm not too sure what my next moves are gonna be, but every single one will be for theo 🕊.

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