Chapter 2: The Ultimate Titan

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The Cadets were gathered and they talked about the plan to seal the hole on the wall in the Trost district. Commander Pyxis told everyone to cooperate to make this mission a success. He explained that using Eren's new found Titan power, he will lift the the boulder over his head and plugged it on the hole so that the Titans can no longer enter. Everyone was forming a plan on how to distract the titans so that Eren won't be attack while doing his job. Then a certain blonde girl whose hair was style on a bun was sitting in the edge of the wall while holding her necklace that a friend gave to her.

Annie's thoughts: How are you right now Y/n? I missed you. I should've believed you.

Then her trail of thoughts were interrupted by a girl with short black hair who has this emotionless expression in her face who sat next to her. This was Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa: What are you doing?

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Mikasa: What are you doing?

Annie: Just waiting for the orders that they'll give to us.

Mikasa: Can I sit beside you?

Annie: Sure.

Mikasa sat next to Annie of was lost in her thoughts thinking about something. Mikasa was a little surprise but didn't show it that Annie just talked to her so casual. That always so her as a lonely type of girl who barely has any friends besides Reiner and Bertholdt.

Mikasa: Were you thinking of something?

Annie: Y-Yeah. I was thinking of a childhood friend who I didn't see for so long now.

Mikasa was shock that she Annie stutter. She was thinking what would have caused her to act like this but she continued talking to her.

Mikasa: What was your friend like?

Annie: He's nice, helpful, strong and doesn't give up no matter what. He's my best friend. The one that made me open up to others.

Mikasa: So your best friend is a boy. I would like to meet this friend of yours.

Annie: *sigh* Me too. I really want to see him again. That's why I joined and thought I would see him but nothing.

Mikasa: Don't worry Annie. Maybe you'll meet him today.

Annie: Thanks for talking to me Mikasa and sorry if I try to ignore you before.

Mikasa: It's okay. People has reasons why they act like that sometimes.

???: Hey guys, the mission is about to start.

They turned back to see a boy with black hair walking towards them with determination plastered on his face. It was no other Eren Yeager.

 It was no other Eren Yeager

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