Chapter One

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Translator's Note: This is my 2nd Translation starting in September 2020. This series is actually the 2nd part and 2nd BL couple of "The Four Books of Mythology" Trilogy by Er Ya, which had the best hilarious comedy dual from the whole trilogy, however, the first BL couple Situ/XiaoHuang will also make their appearance. 

Without saying, this is an English translation of a Boy Love Novel. Only proceed if you're comfortable with such coupling.



Mu Ling planted a tree that gazed at the sky. Being mischievous, he caught a thief who stole his wood. Mu Ling, as a fifteen to sixteen-year-old teen, bullied a seven to eight-year-old boy relentlessly. He beat him up and let him go, let him steal and caught him again, caught and beat, again and again. The wild child was quite stubborn towards the taunting, and eventually was struck by lightning when he came back to steal the wood one day. Mu Ling treated him and saved his life.

After he recovered from his illness, the little boy departed, and shouted to the big tree before he left, "You, with surname Mu, from this day forward, I will be renamed to Qin Wangtian. Just you wait, sooner or later, I will come back to take this wood."

Ten years later, Mu Ling was a genius doctor, the greatest in the world.

Ten years later, Qin Wangtian was a horse riding thief, the best bandit in the world.

In the early autumn of a certain year, Mu Ling went on a long journey to find Medicinal Wonders of the World to extend his life. Before the journey, he made three commandments with himself.

One, no more meddling!

Two, no more meddling!

Three, no more meddling!


Being struck by lightning, it wasn't painful as others imagined. It just left him a little numb in that short moment. But the burns from the flames still hurt after ten years. That moment, when he fell into the fire, when he saw that person's rare anxious look, he felt euphoria. Then, when the cold healing medicine was applied on his wound, the burning and stinging pain soon disappeared.

In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed. That person should be in his twenties, but he is still a teenager...

"Lao Da! Lao Da, wake up!"

Someone shook him in his sleep. Qin Wangtian opened his eyes and looked at the men standing by the bed. "Are you calling the soul?"

"Lao Da, we have inquired about Yue Zaiting's whereabouts," one of his men said hurriedly.

"Really?" Qin Wangtian's spirit lifted. Turning over and sitting up, he asked, "What is that kid doing now?"

"I heard that the old man of Yujia Zhai returned to the heavens a few days ago, he is now the new Master of Yuejia Zhai," His man replied. "Next month is his inheritance ceremony."

"What!" Qin Wangtian frowned. "So fast?"

"Lao Da," His subordinates looked at Qin Wangtian, "Afterall, they are famous. With Yuejia Zhai's current strength, except for Hei Yun Bao and Qixing Water Village who are powerful... We are but few men and horses, how can we compare?"

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