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Everyone is born with their soulmate's initials tattoed on their ankle . . . could your soulmate really be one of the 5sos boys? 


A few months ago you fell in love with a band consisting of 4 beautiful Aussie boys. However, one in particular caught your eye; Michael. His blazing red hair and his adorable smile made you go nuts.You knew there were so many people in the world with the initials MC so you didn’t think anything of it. You were going to your first concert in a few days and you couldn’t contain your excitement. The day before the concert, you and your friend went to the stadium with your pillows and sleeping bags. It didn’t matter that you would be sleeping outside because you knew that when you finally see them it would all be worth it. You and your friend stayed up pretty late talking about them and how excited you were. You knew there was no chance that you would be able to meet them but you were still extremely excited to finally see them in concert. The next morning, you felt a tap on your shoulder that felt like a shock throughout your body, and you groaned as you didn’t want to get up. You groggily opened your eyes and saw michael clifford standing there. Your eyes shot open and you got up and didn’t know what to do with yourself. You didn’t know what to say so you blurted out, “ I love you so much!” He replied with the cutest “AWWW.” He also said, “ Sorry for waking you up but I noticed that the tattoo on your ankle says MC. I was just wondering what your initials are?” You were stunned. Could it be? Was it even possible? The boys had never shared with the media/public about their tattoos and the possibility that your initials could be on Michael’s ankle made you want to scream. You quietly said, “Y/Initials.” His eyes grew and he rolled up his black skinny jeans and folded his converse back and there was your initials, ND elegantly tattooed on his ankle. You were in shock. Could this be real? Were you dreaming? You couldn’t believe it. You were Michael Clifford’s soulmate and he was yours. He looked at you head to toe and said, “Damn, You’re beautiful” 


Every night you looked at the beautifully tattooed letters, LH, on your ankle. You constantly thought about who could have those initials. You knew it wasn’t possible for it to be Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer because they were well them and you were you. You had only been to one of their concerts and were lucky enough to get soundcheck tickets. While you were there, you noticed that Luke kept looking at you. You didn’t think anything of it. You just stood there smiling like an idiot because well its 5sos. 2 months had passed since you went to the concert and now you had tickets for their rock out with your socks out tour. The concert day finally came and you drove to the venue hours before it even began and waited for the boys to arrive. You had shorts and a 5sos t-shirt on with flip flops. The boys finally arrived and stepped out of the cars looking as perfect as they always do. Surprisingly there weren’t that many fans around. As soon as Luke saw you he approached you and said, “hey weren’t you at that soundcheck 2 months ago?” You replied with a shy, “yeah.” You noticed Luke looking at your ankle with his beautiful blue eyes and he was shocked. He looked you dead in the eye and said, “I saw your ankle and i was wondering what your initials are?” The boys never talked about their tattoos yet Luke was asking you what your initials were? you couldn’t believe it. You looked up to him and said, “Y/Initials.” His eyes grew wide exposing his oh so gorgeous eyes and he bent down and folded his converse down and there in the same blue ink was your initials perfectly tattooed on his ankle. He covered it up again and looked at you and said, “I knew there was something about you when i first saw you at the soundcheck.” You blushed and said, “I don’t know what to say. How could a girl like me get a guy like you for a soulmate. It just doesn’t make sense.” Luke looked at you with the most sincere look at said, “Don’t ever say that. You are beautiful and I’m the one who should feel lucky to have a girl like you.”


You were a die hard 5sos fan and had been to so many concerts. Every concert you would be mesmerized by Ashton. His biceps all sweaty from playing the drums and especially his solos in Good Girls and End up Here. It drove you nuts. He was just so perfect. Night after night you would look at the letters AI on your ankle. You knew there were thousands of people out there with those initials. There was no way it could be Ashton. You had had a bad week and you just needed time to yourself so you threw on a pair of athletic shorts and a 5sos t-shirt and grabbed your headphones and went out for a run in the park. You knew 5sos was in your city but you didn’t want to be one of those obnoxious fans who followed them everywhere they went. Anyway, it was about 1 in the morning and no one was outside. It was really nice. You had been running for about 10 minutes when you heard footsteps behind you.You turned around and almost collapsed at who you saw. It was Ashton irwin from 5 seconds of summer. He smiled his goofy smile and said, “Hey I noticed you had our band’s shirt on.My name’s Ashton, whats yours?” You were speechless. you said, “My name is Y/N. I love you guys so much. You guys have helped me get through so much.” Ashton replied with the cutest, “AWWW well we love you too. Hey do you want to go sit over there on that bench?” You obviously agreed and when you got there you hit your foot on the bench and let out a loud yelp. Ashton panicked and asked, “Are you okay?” You replied with a quiet yes. When you sat down you took off your shoe and sock to examine your foot. Ashton’s eyes immediately went to your tattoo. He stared at it for a couple of seconds and then looked up and said to you, “What are your initials?” Your head was throbbing with questions. Could it be you? Were you Ashton Irwin’s soulmate? You quietly said, "Y/Initials” Ashton took his shoe off and rolled his sock down. Sure enough, your initials were beautifully tattooed on his ankle. You were in disbelief. First you meet your favorite band member in a park at one in the morning and then you find out that he is your soulmate and you are his. Could this night get any better? You stuttered, “I - I - I don’t believe it. You’re Ashton Irwin and I'm well me. How could a girl like me get someone like you.” He held your hand, took you in his arms and said, “Don’t ever say that about yourself. You are a beautiful girl and I won’t let anything happen to you. You are mine and I am yours forever. Okay?” “Okay.” you whispered into his chest. 


It was Halloween and you were dressing up to go to a party. You knew your costume was a little too short but you didn’t think much of it. You grabbed your purse and headed out the door. You arrived to the party and saw a huge crowd of girls outside. As you got closer you discovered that your favorite band, 5 seconds of summer was at the party. You were ecstatic. You parked the car, and headed in. The place was clearly overcrowded but you made your way to the bar. You asked the bartender for a coke as you didn’t want to get wasted. As you waited for your drink, a guy who looked in his late 20s approached you and he was clearly drunk. He began to flirt with you and it made you very uncomfortable. You kept asking him to stop but he wouldn’t. Suddenly, he grabbed your arm and dragged you outside to the back of the bar. His hands flew to your waist and you tried to resist but he was just too strong. At this point you were yelling at the top of your lungs. Suddenly, you didn’t feel his hands on you anymore. He was lying on the ground and Calum Hood from 5sos was yelling at him, “Don’t you ever treat a girl like that again!” He turned to you and asked if you were ok. You replied, “Yeah I’m ok. Thank you so much.” He gave you his jacket and helped you out of the alleyway. At this point you had taken off your heels because they were  giving you blisters. Calum’s eyes scanned your ankle. You had the letters C.H. tattooed but you without a doubt knew it couldn’t be Calum. How could Calum Hood be your soulmate? He looked at you with those puppy eyes and quietly said, “Can you tell me what you’re initials are?” You looked at him for a couple of seconds in disbelief and in a quiet voice you said, “Y/Initials” Calum was wearing his adorable Luigi costume so he took off his shoe folded down his socks and sure enough your initials were elegantly tattoed on his ankle. You couldn’t believe it. Was it possible that this hot, muscular, adorable boy was yours? Your hands flew to your face and you were in complete disbelief. You looked up at his face and said, “How can this be possible. I’m just an ordinary girl from the middle of nowhere and your the bassist from 5 seconds of summer. How can a girl like me get a perfect boy like you?’ He took you in his arms and said, “Because you’re beautiful and perfect. I should be the one asking that question. How can a guy like me get a gorgeous girl like you? No matter what, I will be here for you and protect you. I love you to the moon and back.” You were speechless. After collecting yourself a little bit you said, “I love you more Cal” He smiled and said, “No, I love you most."

These were my first imagines so sorry if they were really bad! 

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