Chapter 1

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P.O.V Mckenzie
Bang I woke up wondering what all the noise was I was so scared sleeping in the basement no bed just cold,dark,and miserable. I could here somebody saying something it was my little sister yelling help I have to do something I ran up the basement stairs and tried to open the door but it was locked I pushed my shoulder against it all I could hear was my little sister Mia crying. I finally managed to get the door open I knew exactly what was happening it was the people trying to feed my sister to the creatures I ran and picked her up as fast as possible but before I knew it the people that I used to trust were trying to kill me I dropped Mia and I told her to run as far away as she can and as fast as she can. I woke up I was tied to a table everything was a blur all I could see was my uncle Jake with a knife I didn't know what to do at that point I was tied up about to get killed by my uncle.

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