Chapter Nine: Hey wanna grab a burger?

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       Hi guys! Who missed me and my procrastination!? I just wanted to say thank you all for believing in me and for all of those kind comments on the last chapter! I love you guys you make me so happy!

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(Unedited! Warning, spelling mistakes ahead!) 

Chapter 9:   Third person POV (back at the camp)

        After the commander left the camp was thrown into a mass of quiet whispers and rumors. Their words spread like a wild fire and soon began to pile up. The campers were intrigued and curious, their minds believing any word they heard on the return of the lost demigod said to have betrayed the gods. Was any of what they had learned true of the commander? Had he, was he, really powerful enough to dethrone the gods or was he just another push over claiming to be Divine? Many of the campers choose to believe the latter, and decided to plot a way to see what he was made of. 

        Leo, Hazel, and Frank sat together on the big house veranda (A/N: A veranda is a porch or terrace) listening to the camps confused chatter sending glares to anyone who said cruel words about the newly returned Percy Jackson. 

        To be honest, the wound Percy's disappearance had left was still fresh and raw. Each of them were left confused and angered by the demigods sudden choice to leave and not say good bye. They were mad at Percy for the first week or two, confused to why he would have left and why Piper was a sobbing mess that never left her cabin.  

        Now when they found out they were a little less than happy. 

        Leo Punched Jason in the jaw, leaving a pretty nasty bruise that he belatedly deserved and had a few choice words for the both Annabeth and Jason. Hazel was in tears, mad at Jason, mad at Annabeth, and mad a herself for not noticing sooner. She ran to Piper to both comfort her and to receive some for herself. Frank refused to talk to them or look at them, too disappointed in the ex-predator of New Rome and his ex-friend. 

        The remaining four of the seven stayed together, morning and searching for years, never giving up until one day the "son of Chaos" shows up leading an army. And that so called "son of Chaos" turned out to be the Percy Jackson. They were shocked to say the least.

        "Percy is um, " Leo paused, "a bit different."

        "Wow Valdez I didn't notice. I mean he is only going by a different name and threatened to kill the gods of Olympus for wanting to know who he was! I mean I had no clue! Its just Percy to threaten to kill people!" Frank stated sarcasm laced through out his voice.

        "Touche," Leo replied smirking.

        "Idiots," Hazel mumbled to herself, rolling her eyes. She was relieved to say the least that Percy was alive and kicking, but she couldn't help but be concerned by the sudden personality change. Last time she had seen him he was getting ready to propose to the love of his life and was nothing but smiles. Now he is jaded and steeled, not willing to let anyone in, and that was a bit concerning to Hazel.         

        "Do you think we should try to talk to him? I mean we need to apologize for not being there when he needed us right?" Frank asked getting over Leo's comment. 

        "Yeah but we have no clue who this guy is. He is not the Percy we knew. We cant just waltz up to him and say, 'Oh hey Perce or Omega who ever you are, we are super sorry for not being there for you when your best friend and love of your life cheated on you but we hope you can get over that and we can go get a burger later'." Leo exclaimed throwing his hands up for emphasis.

        "Yeah but he is still Percy and maybe we just need to show that we still care and maybe he will let us back in," Frank replied hopefully. Hazel nodded in agreement and the three sat in silence until they saw a group form near the forest. 

        "You thing that him?" Leo asked uncertain."

        "Only one way to find out," Hazel said brushing off her jeans as she stood. They begain walking towards their long lost friend hoping he would forgive them. 

        Once they got to the group they pushed past every one only to see him and Piper walking back to camp, a smile on both of their faces. 

        "Uh hey guys, mind if we have a chat?" Leo asked quickly. 

Hi guys sorry for the shortness but I have a really bad headache and this is the best I could do tonight.

One more thing. I would like to share this quote from Bleach the I really love!

" Whats the difference between a king and his horse?I dont mean some kiddy s*** like one has 4 legs and the other has 2, or ones a person and ones an animal. If their form, ability, and power is exactly the same, then why is it one becomes the king and controls the battle and the other one becomes the horse and carries the king? There's only one answer...INSTINCT!!!"

Please tell me how im doing and if you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and as allways:

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