It's the beginning but surely not the end.

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"Please don't hurt him. Just take me instead. I yelled trying not to burst into tears. I'm running down an old wooden staircase that has a wooden rail attached to the side. The staircase leads down to a big open basement under the house. The room is bright from all the lights. The buzzing and zapping of the moth killer startles me a little. The floor is aluminum; I can tell because of the lights reflection bouncing off of it. The kind that is probably freezing if you place your bear feet on it. The smell is strong, smells like a portapody. The more I run down the more the room comes visible to my naked eye. The smell outside isn't any better. It smells like dead bodies siting in the sun. The house is a old wooden cabin with wood pieces missing and others hanging on for dear life. It is small probably only suitable for 2 people to live in. Surrounding it is swampy water and weeds. There are a few flowers but their all dead and drooped over. It has a silver gate circling around the cabin. The gate looks brand new, only making the house look older. On the gate is a notrespassing sign. I ignore the sign and push my way throughthe gates opening. I run my way up the steps and jiggle the golden door knob. The door is unlocked so I open it and make my way inside. On my left side is a small living room, containing a old green couch and a older version TV. About 3 feet away is a tiny bathroom with a black door. In the middle is a straight hall. On my right side is a kitchen and a dining room. Inside the dining room is a small rectangle table and a chair on both sides. I walk down the hall layered in brown wallpaper. The hall has two doors one on the left side and another on the right. The door on my left is locked but the one on my right is wide open. Inside is a bedroom that has white walls and a wooden floor. The bedroom contains a twin sized bed, a small closet and a dresser. There are clothes all over the floor and the bed is unmade. It reeks of dirty gym socks. In front of me is a pale colored door, diffrent from all the others. It's cracked open and spills light out into the hall. I push it open fast and began running down the wooden staircase. I grip the rail hard as I run so don't fall. I got to the last stair and it hit me. This is either the room where it save my lover or watch him die through my eyes. I look around, the room is huge for a basement but it's mostly empty. I hide my tears behind my eyes. I have to be strong for Jonny, for us. On the left side is a man. On the right side is a weapon shelve. In the middle is Jonny. I sit up wiping the tears from my eyes. "I know this is hard Reberto. Just relax and take and breath." My counselor said. I lay back down on the red and blue sofa bed and tryed to remember what happened next that day. "Jonny was siting in a chair boarded down with black zip ties and silver duct tape. He had fear in his eyes, not for him but for me." I sat up again. " we can talk more our next visit" I say grabbing my bag and walking out of the office. It's been 4 and a half years since the accident. To me is at feels like it happened just yesterday. I'll never forget that day no matter how muchI try to. I've tried to move on, but Jonny was more then my lover, he was my soulmate. Nobody comes close to what we had. I blame myself for that day. I look down at my phone "dang already 5" I say beginning to walk to my apartment. I finally made it to my apartment the not so royal. I push open the double doors and turn the coner. I push the up button on the elevator and wait for the to come down. I climb in when the doors open and press the 5th floor button. Most of thetime the elevator is full and loud but today it is empty and quiet. When it finally hit my floor stepped out and walked to my room D68, how ironic. I unlock the door and close it behind me. I was the man of the relationship. It was my job to open the doors and pull out the chairs for my man. Jonnys job was to cook meals and clean our small one bedroom apartment.

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