Spending the Day With Harry

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I noticed I had been asleep for a while. I woke up to the feeling of hot breathing that sent chills down my spine. I quickly jumped and hit my head on the top of the car. I didn't hear one laugh I heard two, I turned around and saw that it was Harry. I turned to see Harry close to my face. I felt my cheeks fluster up with heat and I knew my cheeks were as red as a rose. I felt knots in my stomach. I smiled and suddenly turned to Liam as he said "Did you have a nice nap sleepyhead?" I laughed and said "Yeah you have a pretty comfortable seat."
I knew this was my chance to finally talk to Harry. But I looked towards the window and saw we were already in my neighborhood. Here comes the bad luck again I said mumbling under my breath. We pulled up in my driveway. I thanked Liam and hugged both Harry and Liam. Did I just hug Harry Styles and Liam Payne? Then I heard Liam scream "Wait!!" I turned around and he told me Harry had agreed to bring me my car tomorrow. I said "Okay, thanks. See you tomorrow Harry." I walked inside and went upstairs and laid in my bed. I jumped in the shower replaying how my day went over and over again. Now I knew that some bad things could turn into good things.

I woke up to see a call from an unknown number. I answered and said "Hello, who is this?" I suddenly knew who it was. I heard a British accent and could tell it was Harry's. He told me he was here, at my house. I walked out not remembering I looked like I just hibernated for the past winter. My hair was messy (like always). And I was wearing sweatpants and a gator hoodie.

I went outside and Harry chuckled. He always has to me see me right when I wake up doesn't he? He got out of the car while locking it. He handed me the keys as our hands touched. I felt butterflies flying around my stomach. "Thanks" I said while smiling. "No problem love." I felt my cheeks redden once again. Then, Harry said something I would have never expected him to say. "Want to hang out today? I have absolutely nothing to do." I replied in a cool and calm way. "Sure." I said. "I'll be right back, I have to change." I let him in and told him to make himself at home.
I jumped around in my room looking for the perfect outfit. I started singing at the top of my lungs and stopped as soon as I remembered Harry was waiting in the living room, not outside. I grabbed my high-low dress and put on black sandals. I brushed my hair and teeth, doing everything I would usually do. I went downstairs and Harry looked at me. He said "You look nice!" "Thank you" I said. "By the way I heard you singing" Harry said while laughing. I tossed Harry the keys so he could drive. We drove to the mall while blasting music and singing along. As we arrived, we realized it was a big mistake going to the mall...

Hey guys, sorry another short chapter! I have midterms coming up so a fee chapters will be either longer or short like this one. Soon I'll be able to make longer ones. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Have a nice night- Kaylaaa❤️

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