Bad first impressions

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You tried to free yourself from the chains holding you to the wall but to no avail. "When i get my hands on that girl she'll never she daylight again!" You hear a dark mysterious voice growl from the other side of the door. You smirk he had a right to be mad, after all you were the reason he couldn't get his dark water supply in time. You crashed the shipment before it could reach Blakk's HQ.

"Yang" You whisper hoping your Negashade slug would come out of hiding. "Ping?" You ask for your White Boon Doc. After a minute you see two slugs come out of the shadows. You smile and turn around signaling them to jump in your bag. They quickly jump in as the steal door in front of you bursts open revealing a pissed off Dr.Blakk.

"I hope you know what kind of trouble this has gotten you in" He exclaims walking up to you and pushing you against the wall. You smirk and look him in the eyes. "Jack come in here! I want you to see what happens when you ghoul a 16 year old girl" He says turning around and walking out leaving you there wide eyed. One of Blakk's employee's walks into the room with a pair of handcuffs. You glare at him as he goes behind you stroking your left arm up and down.

"It's a shame a body like your has to be wasted" He says now stroking your shoulders. You feel his chest get closer and you smirk. You immediately swing your head back hitting his chest and knocking him to the ground. You swiftly swing your leg around knocking him out. You search his pockets and find the key to your chains. You unlock yourself and drag Jack's unconscious body behind the door. You close the door and run down the hallway silently looking for a room that might have your blaster and your double barrel. You turn left towards the armory hoping her put it in there when a hand pulls you into a black and red door. Complete darkness is all you see as you turn around to find the exit. You reach into your pack sac and find Ping as he emits a soft glow showing a dark-haired male with sky blue eyes looking around your age.

"Shhh" he says while covering your mouth with his finger as several guards run by. You breath lightly until you are sure they are out of hearing range. You give him a punch in the gut and stand up making your way towards the light switch. You flick it on and turn around showing off three other figures. One human with red hair in two pigtails obviously female. One large and blue with what looks like tattooed  arms. Cave troll obvious enough. You see the third figure the shortest and a light purplish colour with a long mustache and bad breath you could smell from your side of the room. It had to be a Molenoid. "We're the Shane gang" The dark-haired male says as he gets up taking a step towards you. You're close enough to the door for a quick exit but you would need to get Yang out of your pocket with out them noticing. You give them a confused look as you move your hand slowly towards your back pocket. "That's Trixie" The boy said pointing in the direction of the pissed off female. Why is she so angry? You replayed recent events in your mind. You smirk and give her a small wave. You felt a pang in your stomach as you realized she liked him. "This is Kord" He says moving on to the cave troll. He gives you a friendly look and nods to the dark-haired person in front of you while he takes one step closer. "And this i-"

"I am the amazing mysterious Pronto! The greatest Molenoid that ever lived! Say what is a fair maiden like you doing in this deadly fortress." Says the Molenoid going towards you and kissing your hand. You look at him blushing lightly taking your hand away.

"1st Yeah he's Pronto. 2nd I'm Eli Shane. 3rd What are you doing here?" Eli asks moving towards you. You feel Ping and Yang jump off of your shoulders to meet the Inferno slug on a nearby shipping container.

"Let's just say i made a bad first impression" You say grabbing your slugs and making your way to the exit. You place them in two holding containers on your belt as you feel a hand on your shoulder. You turn your head and see the cave troll swing the end of his blaster at the back of your head making you fall unconscious. The last thing you see is Eli with a sympathetic look and Trixie with an evil like smirk. This was the worst first impressions anyone had ever made. Well except for Blakk after all word got around that he killed the unbeatable master. Also known as your Grandmother.

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