Just An Average Day

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        “Time to wake up Xen,” said Amethyst, Xen’s older sister. Xen just grunted and went back to sleep. Amethyst took Xen’s phone and went to the bathroom. “OKAY, OKAY I’m up. Jeez.” said Xen.  Amethyst just smiled at her brother. “That’s a good boy,” she said. “I’m not a dog y’know,” remarked Xen. After eating breakfast, Xen got dressed and went to the bus stop to meet up with his friends.

“Sup dude,” said Mikey. “

Hey, where’s Lee?” asked Xen. “Overslept. He said he’ll go with his mom to school,” said Mikey. “Alrighty then,” said Xen. The bus arrived and the two friends went to school talking about their favorite game as usual. “

Now arriving at: Shimitangtang Academy” annouced the bus driver. “There’s our cue,” said Mikey. The two hopped of the bus and went inside the school building. “Ah, why if it isn’t Mikey and Xen!” yelled an obnoxious familiar voice. “Oh, great. We have to deal with this idiot,” remarked Xen. Mikey chuckled. “What do you want Caesar?” asked Xen in an irritated tone.

“That’s not how you greet a friend, now is it?” asked Caesar who was obviously irritating Xen.

“Chill Caesar,” said Mikey.

“Okay, okay. I’m done.” he said with a chuckle.

        Xen and Mikey were now unpacking and getting the stuff they need for the day. “Reading…..science…..social studies…..and math,” mumbled Mikey. The three went to their first class of the day. Lee arrived late and forgot his homework at home.

        Mr. Train scolded Lee for his irresponsibility and gave him a zero. “Okay class, finals are coming up, and we know what that means: STUDY AND MORE HOMEWORK!” The whole class just groaned and went with their lives. The school day went on until it finally time to go home. “So…what time are you guys getting on today?” asked Lee.

        “Probably around 6:00 or 7:30,” said Mikey. “Same goes for me,” said Xen. “Okay then,” said Lee. As the three were walking towards the bus stop, a suspicious-looking man walked past them and said: “Three people must fight to avenge the Broken Ones, one with the power of Death, one who can control Celestial fire, and one who can control Portals.” The three turned around, but the man was no where to be found. “Uh, you guys heard what he said right?” asked Xen who was very confused. Mikey and Lee nodded. The three looked at each other with very confused looks on their face. The bus finally arrived, and the three hopped in.

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