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Kuroo turned off his car and nervously ran his thumb over the jagged teeth of the key. He stared blankly at Kenma's house, wondering why his legs wouldn't move. He turned his head and rested it against the steering wheel. He and Kenma practically grew up at one another's house. Kenma's place was basically a second home to him. He didn't even have to knock. He could just stroll in, find Kenma and leave. It would not be difficult. But why wouldn't his legs move.

Suddenly Kuroo nearly jumped out of his skin as his passenger door opened. He looked over and Kenma was climbing into the empty seat.

"Jesus Kenma, you scared me!" Kuroo panted as his heart rate began to slow back down to its normal rate.

"Don't be dramatic." Kenma muttered judgmentally. "Why were you just waiting outside my house if you didn't want me to come out?"

Kuroo sighed and smiled softly. He had the urge to say something witty, but he was lost in Kenma's golden-brown eyes that were looking up at him from under the curtain of blond and black hair.

"Freak..." Kenma grunted as he settled in his seat, slouching down, and raising his foot to rest it on the dashboard.

"For the last time get your foot off my car!" Kuroo shouted, slapping at Kenma's well-worn converse.

Kenma glared at him and slid his foot off the dashboard. "I thought you were going to romance me, not yell at me."

Kuroo's blood ran cold as he was reminded that he was in the middle of an uncharacteristic bout of debilitating nervousness. He looked over at Kenma and his blood warmed up again. "Oh right..." He muttered softly as he leaned over. He put his hand on Kenma's cheek and pressed a soft kiss onto his lips.

Kuroo pulled away, and Kenma turned toward the window, blushing. He brought his sleeve-covered hand to his mouth and grinned wildly.

Kuroo chuckled to himself with a "hehe" similar to a wild dog. Kenma always made he feel like some stupid little boy with a crush. It was extremely validating to watch him make Kenma blush, because it meant that he felt the exact same way.

"And you ruined it." Kenma shook his head and looked back at Kuroo. "I think that's a new record."

Kuroo gently pushed Kenma's shoulder, then started his car. They spoke about volleyball and school on the short drive to the first stop.

"Boba?" Kenma asked as he climbed out of the car.

"Yeah, Kenma, come on everyone knows that boba is the peak of romance." Kuroo said firmly shutting the car door to punctuate his sentence.

"...Sure" Kenma muttered. The two entered the shop and placed their order, went to find a table to wait.

"Did you know that improperly processed tapioca could contain cyanide?" Kuroo mentioned passively as they took chairs on opposite sides of the table by the window.

"Awesome" Kenma grunted and looked over to the large jar of boba pearls behind the counter.

Kuroo felt his cheeks get a little hot as he looked at Kenma. He cleared his throat abruptly and squirmed in his chair. "So, what's the price of turnips?"

Kenma didn't look away from the large jar of boba, but his face still lit up as he spoke "I sold yesterday for 457 on the island of one of my mutual on twitter."

"Hmm" Kuroo placed his elbow on the table and placed his chin in his hand. "Still cheating?" he asked with a cunning grin.

"Using glitches is not cheating." Kenma said looking over to him, "But I haven't been able to use any of the new ones you need two people and Hinata doesn't like to cheat."

"I thought it wasn't cheating." Kuroo smirked.

"It's not technically," Kenma clarified, brushing his hair behind his ear, only for it to fall right back to where it was. "But you know Shouyou, listening to music with curse words makes him nervous."

Kuroo snickered and leaned back in his chair. "Well, I'll play with you."

"You don't have a Switch." Kenma slightly furrowed his brow.

"You don't know everything about me, Kenma." Kuroo scoffed and crossed his arms.

"Yes I do." Kenma insisted shortly. "You bought a Switch so you can play Animal Crossing with me?" His eyes were bright with growing happiness as the thought expanded in his mind. He made no attempt to hide his smile.

Kuroo leaned forward, but his line of thought was interrupted by their order being called. They both got up grabbed their drinks. "Here," Kuroo held out two straws, "I know how much you like to punch in the straw."

"Don't let anymore say you're not a gentleman, Tetsurou." Kenma muttered in his usual monotone but with an ever so slight turn to his lips. He took the large straw and pushed it out of the wrapper, then forcefully stabbed the plastic film covering. He quietly pushed Kuro's oolong boba milk tea across the table with a satisfied smile, then pushed his straw through his own matcha.

"Come on, killer." Kuroo chuckled and put his arm around Kenma's shoulders, steering him toward the door.

"Did you really buy a Switch?" Kenma ask softly, "You really shouldn't have, you know you're no good at video games."

Kuroo pushed open the door and looked down at Kenma, "Tell that to my Oarfish."

Kenma looked up Kuroo, trying and failing to hold in a laugh but it slipped out in a soft scoff.

"Maybe Bokuto will cheat with you." Kuroo pulled away as they got to his car.

"Bokuto is not allowed back on my island, you know that." Kenma said with an eerie seriousness that made Kuroo grin.

Kuroo and Kenma went back to Kuroo's house and started playing the game. Kenma was pleasantly surprised that Kuroo's island wasn't baren. He had obviously gotten the game sometime time ago and worked hard in secret to get villagers and decoration. Kenma honestly didn't know how to feel. He used to think that Kuroo might take him for granted. That he just assumed Kenma would always be there. But more and more lately, Kuroo proved to him just how much he cared. It was the little things, like recognizing that Kenma liked to stab the boba cups or remembering him mention a glitch in passing. It only made his feelings for him stronger.

It was such a weird sensation for each of them, to look at their oldest friend, feel that twinge in their heart... and not feel afraid. They spent so many afternoons secretly watching each other, admiring one another's smiles, laughs, and seriousness. But on that day, they could openly show their admiration. Kenma didn't have to subtly peer through the hair falling in front of his face to watch Kuroo smile as he got excited about a new bug. He could fully enjoy the surprise on his face when Kuroo found out that Kenma had only twelve items in his entire museum. And Kuroo could just stare at Kenma as he completed the glitch procedures from memory. He watched his bunched-up eyebrows, the way he bit the inside of his lip as he concentrated, and the way his eyes lit up when he succeeded.

"You know your not that bad at video games." Kenma muttered that evening as Kuroo was dropping him off.

"Wow." Kuroo grunted, "That might just be the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

Kenma suddenly leaned over and pressed a kiss into Kuroo's lips, then pulled away just a few millimeters "Don't get used to it." He muttered then pulled away, swiftly climbing out of the car.

Kuroo was left breathless in the driver's seat. He smiled to himself and leaned back in his spot. "Boba man." He mumbled as he put his car into gear in and drove away.

**Some references are made to the Animal Crossing series of video games which are property of the Nintendo, not my own**

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