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This was it.

The championship game.

Ducks vs Hawks.

Both teams stood in two lines in the middle of the ice, eyeing each other in anger and determination. The coaches stood in front of their teams. As for me, I stood between Charlie and Fulton, while glaring at the Hawks player across from me. All while the crowd sang the national anthem in the background.

Once they finished singing, Coach Reilly put his hand up "Let's go!" he yelled as Coach Bombay soon followed after, clapping his hands "Let's go! All right!" we all followed coach to our bench as the Hawks went to theirs.

"Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!"

The Hawks cheered along with the people in the bleachers behind them as Coach Bombay had us huddle up. "All right Ducks! Come on! Lets get fired up!" we all put our fists in the middle while chanting "Quack. Quack. Quack. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!" the crowd behind us started to join in "Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Gooo..." we threw our gloved hands in the air while yelling "Ducks!" causing the crowd to cheer.

We were all making our way on the ice, I was right behind Jesse who was right behind Adam. Jesse ended up stopping Adam "Hey Banks." Adam looked back at Jesse only for him to continue with "Don't forget what side your on." I glared at the back of Jesse's head before shoving past him.

"Shove off Jesse." I said before taking Adam's gloved hand in mine "Come on Adam, just ignore him." with that he followed me out onto the ice, letting go of his hand I said "Good luck" to him as he looked over at me sending me a nod of his head "You too" i nodded my head with a smile as I skated off to my position on the ice, which just so happened to be to the left of Adam on offense.

As soon as the game started I watched as McGill knocked down Adam on purpose giving Larson a chance to steal the puck. I restrained myself from going over there and purposely hit him with my stick, multiple times, as I decided to go after the puck instead. Larson was on a breakaway as I quickly tried to go after him, once I got to him, I shoved him to the side, causing him to fall as I grabbed the puck and turned around.

I heard Greg cheering from the goal as I quickly made my way back up the ice. I noticed Adam open to the right of me, I was about to pass the puck to him when someone suddenly rammed his elbow into my stomach, causing me to fall back. The back of my helmet hit the ice as I gripped my stomach in pain, I caught a glimpse of the back of the persons jersey 'McGill' I thought as I was quick to get back up, anger coursing through me. I forgot about the pain in my stomach as I skated off, determined to win this game.

It was all out a war.

Ducks and Hawks players falling and flipping over one another left and right.

Eventually Adam got the puck, everyone on the sidelines cheered he shot the puck up into the Hawks zone. I tried to get up there in time but a Hawks player got to it first, bringing it around their goal and started to travel back down our way.

Once they made it to our zone, he tried to pass it behind him only for the Hawks player to miss which gave Charlie a chance to grab the puck, only for a Hawks player to take it back. I then got it but it went back to the Hawks as one of them caused me to fall again. It hurt to get back up as my stomach now started to hurt, the Hawks brought the puck down to our zone, I quickly made my way down there, only for Adam to get it back.

Going behind the goal to the other side "Banks! Two comin', hard!" Adam was quick to pass the puck to Charlie, the two boys ended up ramming into Adam, causing me to cringe. Adam fell back down as a Hawk player managed to get the puck back, as he passed I tried to intercept but another Hawks player was quick to get in front of me, Greg tried to stop him, but the Hawks player faked him out, causing them to get the first goal.

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