Chapter 1

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Unnati Pov
I woke up when sun rays fell on me in a familiar bed. Ouch I said as my head was hurting very badly because of the hangover from yesterday's party. I should not have drank too much. I look at myself. I was wearing a long t- shirt and shorts. Oh my god who changed my clothes? What happened last night?

Morning I heard a familiar voice. It was my best friend Manav. We have been best friends since childhood. Here take some pills for your headache he said and I took them.
He said

M:- Umm sorry I had to change your clothes. Actually you threw up on it

U:- It- it's okay

M:- you must be hungry let's go to some cafe and have breakfast over there today what's say?

U:- yeah good idea. Give me ten minutes i will get ready and come.

M:- Okies

I was about to leave when manav's phone rang. It was his bitchy girlfriend's Kritika's call. Ughh I just hate her bloody gold digger. He has been dating her for a month which is too much because he changes his girlfriends every week.

Yeah-yeah i will be there I heard him saying. Where is he going now?
He hung up the phone and turned to me

M:- you are still here only? Go and ger ready fast. I am dying of hunger.

U:- yeah I am going, but where are you going with Kritika

M:- I am going to her house, it's her mom dad's anniversary so she has kept a small party.

U:- oh okay.

I then quickly go and get ready. We leave. When we reached at the café we were covered by media and we posed for them. As we left i could here someone say I think there is something between manav and unnati. They are not just friends. Also they look so adorable together.

I was so happy to listen this. I have wished for it to become true since ages. Yess I love him and more than a best friend but he has always considered me as his friend only and nothing more. It hurts sometime but I don't confess my feelings to him because I am scared that I might loose him completely. So I am happy with what I have.

I was brought back to current state by manav. As he was asking me what should we eat today?? After lots of discussion we both ordered sandwiches and coffee. We ate our breakfast and I went home while manav went to Sanket sirs office. He had called him urgently for some work.

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