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she took one last wretched swig, chugging down the acidic bitterness as well as today's mistake toward tomorrow's misery. but she wouldn't focus on that as burning liquid trickled down her sore lips. perfervid nausea trailed up to her head where it kissed her weak tolerance farewell. delicate fingers fumbling with the cold touch of the glass cup, saliva strands still left stuck on her wet chin.

feeling her rather lean built body heat up immensely, hues painted a sunset across her plump cheeks. the drowsy wake up call was greatly denied in loss of control.

hobbling around vertiginously, a giggle escaped her involuntarily without restraint. lightheaded and giddy, what a frightening matter it was to have no control. the pure willpower had built up to its downfall. each spared glance at the next shot had only increased the quivering desire for another one. for it to release disconsolateness and worries, just maybe they'd disappear when she wakes up. just maybe they'd go away and chase someone else.

but then she'd be lying to herself, eating up the words til her stomachs begged for less and her rotten mind could only cry at her remains.

she wanted an escape, choking on her own devil horns. how ironic it would be to pray and hope whatever heavenly force had kept watch on her. yearning for the cold consciousness that slipped through her feeble fingers. where she could step outside without feeling restrained or having melancholy thoughts shrivel herself into pieces. it was her who broke herself and her who would have to pick up the plethora of pieces.

but she didn't know any better at her condition, thoughts slurred out her mouth and knees got weaker as she stumbled toward populous marble counters and onward to the secluded bathroom stalls. even it's reek of miasma couldn't wake her up in time for when she staggered, wasted they'd say. she was wasted with dripping alcohol and hallucinating pleasures that wouldn't last.

"didn't you have a bad night" her head barely functioned at the tone, bloodshot red eyes sluggishly met pools of golden wheat hues. they looked so pure and holy, gazing over with a passionate tint. it was all her eyes could fixate on, the insouciance that fused his movements had captivated her curiosity and scrutiny.

"so you think i look holy" he slightly chuckled, buck pale teeth showing out, a smile stretching his chapped lips. his slithering tongue licked the pair of thin lips, only realizing an exiguous amount of dried blood had curved her realization into a complacent smirk. the intimidating charm was too serpentine for her etiolated mindset, losing the vigorous laugh that was previously spilling from her mouth.

"far from it"

how he knew she'd never know, numbed senses and dumbed defenses, there was no escape from the dolorous cavern she trapped herself in. like prey and the predator, surely she knew where she stood.

she didn't even have time to process or take a breath before the enigmatic strangers hand had roughly slapped their hand onto the lower part of her face. registering how extensive the hairy hand was, lips parting ever so slightly, but it was all he needed. nearly retching at the tiny matter that had been pushfully slipped into her throat. swallowing what paradox she did not know, she was a living contradiction. the sickly sensation had directly sent qualms of distress that wracked her body.

before she could even spit it out or protest at the insolent manner, he was gone. slick black suit and a golden laced tie like the suns evening gaze. even if she wanted to remember, her drunk self wouldn't recall a single word or would be able to reminisce anything of tonight. how ingenious he was but unfortunately, she was playing victim on this pernicious game.

but that would change as she felt her fatigued eyes droop, folding her lids til her body shut down, instead plunging into a strong pair of muscular arms. the minty cologne embracing her senses on her way out.


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