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As you woke up you were in a large bed with black sheets, and blue pillows. "Hello?" You asked feeling nervous. "Hello (Y/N).." a chilling deep voice called out. "W-who is there?" You asked feeling a little worried, but also you feel like you have heard that voice before. "It's me, Sonic.." He stepped out of the shadows of the room, you gasped. "..EXE.." he smirked evilly. "Would you like an explanation?" He asked sitting on the bed.
You hesitate. "Y-yes.. An explanation." He just smiles, evilly
"Well.. that night I got drunk I did some bad things" as he is talking he begins to rub your thigh. You pull away. He gives you an evil glare. "Anyway, I met a "someone" we made a deal, if I gave him sonics soul.. He would give me all the power in the world!!" He Stands up in front of you, smirking. "That means that power I was given has a crazy sex drive.." He pushes you down on the bed, you gasp as you scoot farther up the bed. He takes off his shirt to reveal a very attractive 6-pack.
"Wh-what are you doing?!?!" You freaked out as he crawled towards you. "You want a full explanation right?" He asks grabbing your waist, you struggling to get away. "W-well yes but I didn't think you would do THIS?!" You scream as his face gets closer to yours. "Shh it's alright I just want a taste.." his already demonic voice scaring the hell out of you. "Stop please stop" you beg as his muzzle is roaming your neck. He found your sweet spot so you couldn't hold back the moan that wanted to escape. "i found your weak spot." He whispers, licking the spot.
"Don't worry angel.. This will only hurt.. a lot"

Sorry if this is short, I can't think of anything. Also sorry it's a late update. But thank you for reading!!! 😊 makes my day when you people read this!!!

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