Found you

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You were leaving home to go hang out with sonic, he called you earlier something he had to talk to you about. He said it was urgent. As you were walking you could feel eyes, burning a hole in the back of your head. You turned a round, nothing. You shrugged as you walked up to sonics door. You knocked. You waited a few minutes "Sonic? It's (Y/N).." It was weird, he would have opened the door by now. As you went to knock again Sonic opened the door. "(Y/N)!! Come on in!" He held the door open for you, a fake smile on his face. When he opened the door his quills were messy, and he had black under his eyes. "Sonic? Are you okay?" You asked walking through the door. "Uh what? Oh! Yeah I'm fine.." He smiled weekly. You walk in and sit on his couch. "So what did you say was so urgent?" You ask. He was very fidgety, and he kept looking down toward the ground. "Okay, do you remember that night..? When I-I had too much to drink?" He was on the couch sitting next to you now. "Y-yeah.. I remember.." You said sighing. "Well I did something wrong.. I- never mind.." He held his face in his hands. "You can tell me anything you know that.." You went and placed your hand on his shoulder, he tensed and he took his face out of his hands. "(Y-Y/N) please.. Take your hand off." His voice was changing, becoming dark. you stood up and you kneeled down in front of him. "Please sonic, just tell me! What's going on?" All in one swift move you were pinned to the wall, sonic holding you up by your hips, hands above your head. "I-I told you, you shouldn't have touched me." "S-sonic?!?! What are you doing?!?!" You screeched, blushing. "I-I'm sorry (Y/N) you made me do this.." His face was changing, his smile was becoming bigger, his eyes. They were black.. With just red orbs in the middle. "A-sonic??!" His smile, it was evil and those teeth! They looked like knives!!! "(y/n) oh sweet.. (Y/N) sonic is no longer here.. Only EXE.." He chuckled in a devilish way. He licked your cheek, making his way down to your neck. "I found you.." And with that you blacked out.

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