Bryan meets Anubis

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So this will be a short one. Just know I won't be making them long it depends on the plot size. Now onto the oneshot.

Bryan POV
Today is the day Inpu is introducing me to Anubis. I'm kinda scared not going to lie. We were walking to the meeting place. I held his hand scared for what may happen to me. He squeezed my hand. "Bryan everything will be alright." "I know what if he doesn't accept me?" "Then who cares. I love you and thats enough for me!" I smile and kiss him. He blushes and looks away. "I love you Inpu." "I love you too Bryan." We get there and no one is there. "Are you sure were at the right spot?" "Yea let me go look around okay?" I nodded and Inpu left. All of a sudden I see this jackal type animal. "Hello I am Anubis you must be my sons boyfriend?" I nod and he got out of his animal form. "Well I do not approve of you dating Inpu. He has plans he must do without distractions." I start to cry knowing his dad hates me. Inpi ran out and hugged me. "When you said you were going to scare him I didn't mean make him feel bad about himself." "What I got carried away." Anubis said. "What's going on?" "Well I asked my dad to pull a prank on you sadly he took it to far." I nodded and hugged Inpu. "So you do accept me?" "Of course Inpu has said great things about you." We spent the rest of the evening with Anubis pranking both me and Inpu.

Hope you enjoyed and see you in the next oneshot.

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