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-Father: Sana... Its the third time this week. How many times do you I need to tell you that you can't go outside?
-Sana: I know...
-Father: This is for your well being, here you have everything you need. Can't you just obey me and stay still?
-Sana: Father, I'm already an adult... Still, I haven't been able to leave this place. Not even once! I want to know what's behind those walls... (looks down) But you don't understand me.
-Father: Behind the walls? Pfft... There's nothing you could be interested in... Just danger waiting for you. Do you understand the position you are in? You are a princess!
-Sana: Still, princess have the right to be free too... (looks down)
-Father: (sighs) Thanks God that the heir for this country is not gonna be you... How could someone as reckless as you, own the throne...
-Sana: Then, if you know that I'm not good for this stuff, why do you keep me here?! H
-Father: Because you are my daughter. Well, since I know that you won't obey my word, I have decided to hire some personal guards for you and your brother to keep an eye on you two.
-Sana: You've done what?! We are not kids!
-Father: Maybe not your appearance, but your attitude... You need to mature. Now leave my sight, I'll call you once the new guards arrive.
-Sana: (pissed) Fine! (leaves)

I can't belive it! This man seriously think that I'll accept a personal guard?! I'm not a kid anymore, I know what I'm doing!

I keep on talking to myself while heading to the royal library. I can't not escape from this place physically, but while reading, my mind flies.

Once I'm inside the library, I start looking for my favourite book, when suddenly my hand touches another hand. Who is here?!

-Sana: Who-
-???: My bad, forgive me your highness... (bows)
-Sana: Who are you?
-???: Me? (smiles) My name is Hye Junkyu, the older son of the Hye clan, at your service.
-Sana: Oh... (smiles) Well, Junkyu-ssi, what are you doing here? This is a forbidden place, you know?
-Junkyu: Sorry (bows) I was heading to the main room when I bumped with this library... I thought that maybe it had my favourite book.
-Sana: You like reading? (smiles)
-Junkyu: Are you kidding me? While reading, you can travel to awesome landscapes and be whoever you want to be... Instead of calling it "reading", I like to refer to it by "free your mind" (chuckles) But that's something I came with...
-Sana: (giggles) Woah, it's the first time I meet a boy passionate for reading... I mean, "freeing your mind" (chuckles)
-Junkyu: (smiles) Its also my first time meeting a princess this beautiful (bows)
-Sana: (flustered) Junkyu-ssi-
-???: Junkyu! Junkyu where are you?! We need to meet your majesty!
-Junkyu: Oh... (looks down) It was a pleasure, my highness (smiles and bows) My apologies, I need to leave.
-Sana: Yeah...
-Junkyu: (jumps out the window)

What was that? I run to the window but once I peep my head outside, there's no one. He's really fast. Why was he here? I mean, at palace... I should had asked him before.


I jump out the window and follow Geubeom, he belongs to the Han clan. It is not a military clan like mine, but he has been training to be a soldier since we were kids.

-Geubeom: Where the hell were you?
-Junkyu: Sorry, I was at the library...
-Geubeom: Up there?! Junkyu, that's a forbidden place...
-Junkyu: I know, I climbed and entered through the window (chuckles) I just wanted to check if they had my favourite book...
-Geubeom: That one that talks about those two butterflies?
-Junkyu: (nods) The white and the black one, I always thought that they are a representation of Ying and Yang.
-Geubeom: You read about difficult stuff... (chuckles) Couldn't you just read about those romance books, or that ones that talk about heroes... Hmm, maybe those erotic-
-Junkyu: (hits him) I don't read about that stuff! And just so you know, the story of the two butterflies is related to romance somehow...
-Geubeom: Really? I have never read that book so I don't know...
-Junkyu: It doesn't matter, you wouldn't understand it anyway (teasing)
-Geubeom: Yah!
-Junkyu: Oh, we are here...
-Geubeom: This is the main room... (gulps)
-Junkyu: Yeah, behind this door, our king is waiting for us... (takes a deep breath) Should we go in?
-Geubeom: I don't know, my legs just turned into jelly...
-Junkyu: Hey, we can do this... Its for our clan. We are their proud.
-Geubeom: You have two other brothers, you don't have the pressure I have...
-Junkyu: (places a hand on his shoulder) You'll be fine (smiles) We'll do what we've been training for, it's our chance to shine.
-Geubeom: (nods) Thanks Junkyu, let's do this...
-Junkyu: (nods and knocks the door) Can we come in?

Suddenly the two huge doors open, and we both enter. The atmosphere is tensed, we are in presence of your majesty. We can't commit any mistake.

-Junkyu: Your majesty (bows and kneels down) This is Hye Junkyu, from the clan Hye, at your service.
-Geubeom: (imitates you) This is Han Geubeom, from the Han clan, at your service.
-King: You can get up and raise your heads... (smiles) Welcome to my palace, brave soldiers. I'm really happy that you came for my help...
-Geubeom: We would do anything you asked for, your majesty!
-King: Good (smiles) I'm expecting a lot from you... Specially Junkyu, you've been raised in a military clan, right?
-Junkyu: Yes, sir!
-King: You are the older brother, that's why you've been chosen to work for me directly... Same goes for Geubeom.
-Geubeom: (bows)
-King: Well, I don't like wasting time, so I'll go straight to the point. You are gonna be personal guards. Geubeom, you'll make sure that the princess remains in palace and that no one hurts her.
-Geubeom: Yes, sir!
-King: And Junkyu, you are going to be in charge of being the throne's heir personal guard. Or in other words, you'll be in charge of protecting and assisting the prince.
-Junkyu: Yes, sir!

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