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vinniehacker so our 2 weeks have come to an end :( i know she won't see this as she is currently on a flight but she cares about everyone before she thinks about herself. what you haven't seen is when her nephew came over she would happily play with him and take him to my games, and some how she got even more gorgeous when she would wake up at 4am to sooth him.  luna mai i love you so much come back already <3

reggiehacker pls stop crying idk what to do

nickaustin just hug him and buy him pizza

reggiehacker if you look in his room it looks like a trash dump and it hasn't even been a day since she left 

avanii i'm crying i don't want her to leave

⤷ vinniehacker nor do i 

nickaustin :,(

rylandstorms we are all so sad that he is leaving

charlidamelio i can't believe that you guys were only together for 2 weeks

noahjames don't worry we will make u come to spain soon

user293 WAIT WHAT?!

skylarmai it was really nice to meet you and your family!

vinniehacker thank you for that lovely spaghetti bolognese! mom wants the recipe

skylarmai ofc its a family recipe but you are now family so could i have her number?

vinniehacker check dm :) 

user204 nooo my favourite couple!!!

user026 i cant believe it 

teatokroom i'm so sorry that she left vin! this just means you will have to go visit her soon

jadeee hey u know she loves u too death v, just remember the 28th okay?

vinniehacker yes ma'am

adamsss YESSSSS

daisyedwards we all know about the 28th jade lmao

user37 what is happening on the 28th?

noahjames shhh

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luna.mai i will miss nights like this! this guy right here will always have my heart not matter what happens or wherever i am. he is one of the sweetest guys i have ever met that every second that i was with him and his family in seattle i fell deeper in love with him. i though it was impossible too. after everyhting that has happened in the past 3 years of my life i though i would never be able to love someone ever again but vinnie hacker has proved me wrong <<33

jadenhossler YOU ARE SO STRONG BBY!!!

⤷luna.mai i'm sad i didn't spend more time with the sway boys!

user294 i told u this couple will rule the world

⤷ luna.mai <<33

noahbeck you two are the cutest 

⤷ luna.mai cindy loo hooooooo

jamescharles get your ass back to seattle rn!!!

⤷ luna.mai we have our lives and jobs in marbella :(

hater92 they suck

joshrichards you need some pizza and ice cream?

⤷ luna.mai margarita and mint ice cream :))

noahjames 28th

⤷ luna.mai what about it?

skylarmai @luna.mai my wedding silly


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user92 they all liked!!

teatokroom we will all be hoping you are back together soon :)

reggiehacker we miss u already

⤷ luna.mai i miss poncho!

reggiehacker what about the rest of the hackers?

⤷ luna.mai well it goes poncho then vinnie as u know they both give me love thenn maybe your mum and dad then the fish and u

reggiehacker i am offended 

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