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vinniehacker so it rained, she wanted to dance, i wanted to play sports so we did both!

reggiehacker oh i thought the screaming was something else

vinniehacker we are holy what are you on about

reggiehacker so shall i not mention you hickies or the fact my room is next to yours and i may of heard somethings.... 

brycehall we all know what happened after this

vinniehacker yeah dancing in the street 

jadenhossler GET IT GIRLLLL

noahbeck wth she is so good at sports

vinniehacker i let her win

⤷luna.mai yeah right you suck

brycehall @luna.mai you suck vi--

noahbrooks i'm surprised you made luna like the rain as she usually hates it 

⤷ luna.mai what can i say i'm a change woman

vinniehacker she told me she liked it whatt

user294 this is so romantic 

user02 way to make us feel single vinnie

hater93 we officially lost him girls

dixidamelio you are cuter than me and griffen

griffenjohnson excuse me.

dixidamelio sorry hunny 

hater44 i don't see whats so special about her? she is just a basic rich bitch

lunaevinnie she is amazing! just because she has money doesn't mean anything. they love each other and thats enough. 

luna.mai you suck at sports :))

luna.mai now i'm never going back to a rainy place without you

vinniehacker marry me now

⤷ luna.mai lets go 


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luna.mai it may be cold but i will always be wearing short <3

noahbrooks i cant believe you went out in the rain

⤷ luna.mai i was forced

noahbrooks yeah right you secretly love the rain but the kids at school made you feel bad for wanting to go out in the rain

⤷ luna.mai you are right. private school is difficult 

joshrichards this is romantic as shit 

tonylopez the fact this has been what 6 months in the making and you are finally together!

⤷ luna.mai wait its been 6 months of me knowing him? wow

tonylopez  yes sir

hater29 ew ugly 

user485 i bet this couple will rule the world for as long as they date

vinniehacker this is going to me my background photos now

vinniehacker you are cute, this is cute

⤷ luna.mai this is all you!

teatokroom we are happy to see that this ship is sailing well!

⤷ luna.mai we aren't dating :)

reggiehacker yet

ethan7j this is why you couldn't come skateboarding with us

⤷ luna.mai sorry vinnie wanted to go out in the rain

vinniehacker wait you asked her to skate and not me?


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