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«Daughter - Medicine»

AshtonIrwin: I watched your cover

AshtonIrwin: its amazing

AshtonIrwin: youre very talented

AshtonIrwin: are you still mad about that thing what happened 2 days ago

AshtonIrwin: c'mon kathy. I know you want to text with me

AshtonIrwin: probably dirty but that isnt the matter right now

KathyOfficial: did somebody ever told you how incredible you are

AshtonIrwin: of course, many people

KathyOfficial: i hate you ashton

AshtonIrwin: nah, you do not

AshtonIrwin: if you would hate me, you wouldnt have texted me two days ago

KathyOfficial: i did bc i thought you are nice

AshtonIrwin: I can be nice.

KathyOfficial: definitely not

KathyOfficial: telling me to shut up isnt that nice

AshtonIrwin: kay kay

AshtonIrwin: from now im the nicest person you've ever seen

KathyOfficial: oh really

AshtonIrwin: kathy

KathyOfficial: what?

AshtonIrwin: how about; fuck me? Is that nice?

AshtonIrwin: it isnt, damn

AshtonIrwin: how can i tell a girl in a nice way that i wanna fuck her right here against the wall?

KathyOfficial: ashton, are you horny?

AshtonIrwin: probably a little bit

KathyOfficial: why do i even text with you

AshtonIrwin: idk

AshtonIrwin: perhaps because im irresistible

KathyOfficial: right.. Nighty night.

AshtonIrwin: what the fuck

AshtonIrwin: it is 8 a.m

KathyOfficial: not here, night ashton

KathyOfficial: have fun with your sinful thoughts of myself

AshtonIrwin: nobody said i was thinking about you

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