Chapter 2

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*Connie's POV*

I took Sasha's hand and ran to Hanji, who had FREE TACOS. Sasha asked if I wanted chicken or beef.

"I'd go for both actually..."

Sasha scratched her head "is that even possible-"

Hanji nodded "uh huh, it's actually pretty good"

Her eyes widened and she hugged me tightly "thank you, my savior... I'll take what he's taking"

I smiled at Sasha and took the tacos from Hanji. We both ate the tacos in less than 10 seconds. Before we left, Hanji asked

"Hey, are you guys dating?"

I hesitated, why on earth would our science teacher ask us such an...awkward question?

"Umm...Professor Hanji, why are you asking us that question?"

She giggled "isn't it a little too obvious that everyone in the world thinks you're a couple, you've been best friends since kindergarten"

Sasha tugged Hanji "ma'am, you're such a joker! Me and Connie are just best friends, period"

"Fine,but I still ship you two"

Sasha shrugged, and took my hand, heading to the classroom. When we got there, we sat in our usual seats (the ones beside Mikasa and Petra, our companions) and do our usual habits, gum chewing contest.

We tried it today, and like always, Sasha won. She is truly the best food eater I know.

I mean, I don't care if I never get a good job, never get a girlfriend, or if my family doesn't treat me well.

Well, if you're asking me life hasn't been so lively and fun before Sasha became my best friend and stayed like that as the years passed by.

She was always there, she never left me. And the best part of that is she never will.

But I hate the fact that people think we're a couple. I mean we're just best friends for...13 years. That doesn't mean we're a couple.

I mean, Sasha has a lot of things a perfect girl needs. Cheer, positivity, health, support, loyalty, she's...perfect to me.

But me and Sasha don't need a relationship, our friendship is all we need.

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