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"Ngggh shut up" i said in a lazy tone, putting my pillow over one of my ears.


"I swear i could litterally throw this alarm clock off my window." I mumbled under my bedsheets. After a few minutes of having to deal with my stupid alarm, i gathered up my guts to get up.

I sat up on my bed and my alarm clock still won't stop ringing. "Tsk" i hit my alarm clock with my pillow and it finally stopped ringing. "I hate Mondays."

I lazily got out of my bed and forced myself to get ready. I walked down stairs, still pretty much half asleep. I stumbled down the last step of the staircase and held on a wall.

"Were you drunk last night?" My older brother, Dianjia, asked.

"What the heck? I'm like 14 do you expect me to drink at this age?" I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Yeesh! Sorry! Here, have some cereal. Might help wake you up." He placed a bowl of cereal on the kitchen island and pushed it towards the other end of the island wich is where i was seated.

"Thanks." I forced a smile on my face and ate my breakfast peacefully.


I walked to my locker and shoved my books in it. I grabbed my history book and shut my locker door closed. I turned around and saw my 2 besties, Changyin and Daiyu.

"Hey stranger!" Changyin said as she waved her hand at me. I smiled effortlessly at her.

"Hey!" I replied.

"So what's the plan for today? Boba shop?" Daiyu asked, anticipating our answer. The bell rang and students scurried down the hall and into their classrooms. Me and my friends bid our goodbyes to eachother and i went to my first class, history.

I walked into my classroom and Mr. Xu was'nt there yet. Students were everywhere. Chatting, playing, throwing around paper airplanes, doing whatever they wanted to do before classes. A small "pfff" escaped from my mouth as i tried to walk through a group of loud, chaotic students. I chose to sit at the back this time. I sat down at a corner seat near the window. I stared at the trees outside, as they were dancing along the wind's direction.

"Lonelyyyy...I'm so lonelyyy" a group of boys sang, making fun of me and the other kids laughed.
"Have i done anything to you? I don't think so. So please get out before i lose it." I shot back. They simply rolled their eyes and chuckled.
"Sure. Whatever." And they left.

I've been parted away from my bed for like 40 minutes and i already missed it. I just gazed at the window quietly. My mind was floating but i got brought down to earth when i heard the door click open.

"Good morning Mr. Xu." The class greeted.

"Good morning everyone! I would like you all to read chapter 9 on your seats silently. Miss Guo Y/N, i have some news for you." I stood up from my seat and said
"Me?" Pointing at myself. The teacher nodded and i walked to the front and all the way to his table.

"Yes Mr. Xu?" I said bowing my head down out of respect.

"Well as you may know, there will be a Nation wide quiz bee competition in Beijing, wich is three months away." I nodded and he continued.

"This year, our school will be joining. We gathered up some smart young children, who are suited to join the competition. However, the faculty, along with the Principal, chose you to represent the school, along with another student from building 2." I nodded. My eyes later widened as soon as i realized his words.

"Uh- i- me?" I said. Stuttering in confusion.

"Yes, you. Don't worry, we will be informing your parents about this and we will be asking their opinions as well. All charges including plane tickets, hotels, and food will all be spent using the school's funds."

I was shocked and excited to hear this. Finally! Now is the time to show what i'm really capable of. Now, i need to step out my comfort zone and let out everything in me.

"Really? Thank you so much Mr. Xu! Thank you!" I said bowing, and putting my hands together. He smiled nicely at me and told me to go to the library later this afternoon to pick up some study sheets for the competition.

I turned to go back to my seat and read, like what the rest of the class was doing. I turned around to walk back to my seat, but a question popped up in my head.

"Uhm, Mr. Xu? May i know who i am partnered with?" I ask, looking at the teacher over my shoulder.

"Oh! Yes. You will be paired up with Mr. He Xinlong."

"Oh no.."


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