Your Promise (A Percabeth FanFiction)

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Percy sets a poker face as Rachelle Elizabeth Dare, also known as Red, whispers in his ear, " making his spine go into shivers. The red headed woman tilted her head to face the poker faced Percy Jackson. "I want you." She kisses his ear lightly, as she sits on his lap.

He shoves the woman fiercely to the cold hard floor. "Get off me!"

Rachelle looks at the man she used to love. Used to. "Why? What's wrong, Percy?"

"Rachelle," he hisses between his teeth. "I can't do this anymore. I'm no fool. I saw you with him." Her face turns bright red as she remembered the night he is talking about.

Shock plasters her reddened face, and she stutters, "What do you mean? And who is this 'he'?" Hiding her mixed emotions.

"Don't play dumb with me, because I know what I saw. You slept with him," he growled. For that moment, Rachelle felt afraid of him. The fierce look on his face didn't change, and for that moment, Rachelle knew that he's in no joking mode. "It's over." He finally said. Percy rose from the couch and walks away.

Rachelle stops him, as she pulls him away from the door. "I can explain." Tears now flood her brown eyes. "That night. I was drunk. Luke. Luke set me up. I didn't know what I was doing--"

"HA! Like that is true. You lied to me through all those years we were together. You--you were just using me," Percy said, feeling his heart breaking into pieces. Her grip on his arm tights. "Let go off me!" He pulls his arm free.

Percy walks away from the torn-looking and broken Rachelle on the carpeted floor. He slams the hotel room shut loudly, so loud it would have been heard throughout the whole hotel.

"Rach, it's okay," Luke says walking out from his hiding spot. "He had too. You two are not good for each other. Because you don't deserve him. Percy Jackson's a coward," Luke says with a smile on his face.

He takes Rachelle into his arms and carries the crying woman to the bed. "Don't worry, Percy Jackson deserves to get a piece of hell from me. This is the only start of his suffering."


The city lights of New York welcomes the scorned face of Percy Jackson. His tear-stained face faces the swarm of people of the nightlife of New York City. He yells all the agony in his chest, and no one dares to notice him. The noise of the cars and talking of every person in the city.

He walks through the sidewalk and bumps hard into a running lady, hitting him on a spot of a bruise. Pain scourges through his shoulder. "Sorry," she mutters. And she never even bothered to even look at him and show her sincerity in her apology, as she runs.

Percy mutters a curse under his breath. He continues to walk and sees a bar across the street, glowing lights surrounded the place making the bar a lively place. He decides to have a drink and forget the horrible things that has happened. A bouncer stops him from coming in the bar. "Any reservations, boy?"

"No," he says sternly. "Just having a drink." The bouncer studies him and asks for his Driver's License The bouncer lets him in after checking his drivers' license. Percy is welcomed by waitresses in bikinis. One looks at him seductively, and he looks away. "I'm not gonna do something stupid tonight. I'm just having a drink," he mutters to himself.

He sits on a stool chair by the bartender, and orders five bottles of medium sized beer. And drinks it. After drinking one, he already feels dizzy, but he continues to drink, until he already drank three and half bottles. As he drinks, his eyes catches a beautiful pair of gray eyes watching him. It belongs to a lady. She has curly blonde hair, and has a beautiful face; pink kissable lips and a petite face. Percy's breath catches up in his throat at the breathtaking beautiful woman. He smiles at the lady but don't know why.