How to Take Erotic Photos of Yourself

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How to Take Erotic Photos of Yourself

Is there a sex kitten inside you waiting to get out? Or maybe you enjoy sex, but only with the lights off. Take control and discover your own erotic nature. All you need is a digital camera.


Plan your project: Have an idea of what you're trying to achieve. Is it just tantalizing, or red-hot? The photos will work well if you have a theme or "story" in mind. Look at magazines for inspiration. This is your chance to dress up!

Find a comfortable setting. Could be anywhere - bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen - as long as you feel comfortable there. Make sure it's private.

Consider interesting spaces. Bracing yourself against a doorway can be sexy; so can lying on a table or sitting on the back of a couch. Get creative, and use the space, walls, and furniture around you.

Remove any clutter. The photo is of you, and a distracting background can ruin an otherwise good photo.

Take a few test shots to get an idea of poses, angles, lighting, and shadows. You can keep your clothes on for this part! You can hold the camera yourself or place it on a steady surface, such as a counter, a stack of books, or even the floor. A small bean bag is good for this. For good results, get a tripod.

Pick something to wear. You don't necessarily need raunchy lingerie. Try your bathrobe to start. Show some leg or maybe loosen the belt and reveal a bit of cleavage (if you're a woman).

If you're a woman who is not afraid of showing a lot of skin then consider wearing sexy lingerie or taking pictures of you covering your breasts with your hand.

Play around with angles! Most pictures are from straight-on and at eye level; don't limit yourself to this. Position the camera below you, and take the picture upward. Position it above, or diagonally. Try putting a vase of flowers in the foreground, with your body showing between the stems in the background. Think outside the box!

Different camera angles make pictures interesting, and they can really help you accentuate your best assets and hide your flaws.

Start snapping photos. Use the self-timer function or a remote trigger (you will probably have to buy this separately). Check the preview screen to make sure you're actually getting yourself and not just the floor or the ceiling in the photo. Try different angles and poses and different degrees of nudity.

Once you've got enough pics, download them onto your computer. If your butt looks like a bright white blob, don't delete it yet! You can always manipulate the photo, crop it, play with the brightness, etc.

If you don't like these results, try again in a different room or outfit. There's no magic combination.

This step is up to you. Print the photos if you want. Send them to your significant other if you want. Or delete them. It's your choice! Just make sure you are careful with the photos, if privacy is a concern.


If you share a computer, it would be best to save onto either your USB Disk, or any suitable memory card, or onto a disk (you probably shouldn't label it something like "Private" if you have nosy friends; that will just draw attention to it).

Light! Lots and lots and lots of light! Most digital cameras will automatically reduce the brightness to a suitable level. If there is not enough light to begin with, you, or your surroundings will be very poorly lit. Sometimes you want the 'dark' look, but if in doubt - start with more light, you can always darken it in the computer later.

Lots and lots of candles, both in front of you and behind you. Candle lighting makes an orangey glow and is flattering to your figure.

Don't be intimidated by the results in your camera's preview screen. You can always manipulate the photo later. Wait till you see the photos on your computer screen before you delete them.

Familiarize yourself with a good photo manipulation program. Adobe Photoshop can be used for professional retouching but is expensive and may be too complicated for the casual user. Adobe also makes a less expensive version called Photoshop Elements which is a more user-friendly product aimed at the amateur market. You could also try iPhoto for the Mac, Picasa - Google's free photo organizing and editing program for Windows, PaintShop Pro, or GIMP - which is open source and free.

If your photos come out too dark or too bright, play with the "Levels" tool as well as Brightness/Contrast to achieve a good look.

The best photos don't always involve people standing straight in front of the camera staring into the lens. Try unusual angles and close-up shots.

Your facial expression is one of the most erotic aspects of the photo. Have an inviting, turned-on expression.

Also, it may be easier if you ask a close friend to take the pictures...

Give yourself something to hold or do, this makes you look less selfconcious. Hold a flower, a teacup, or even a piece of jewelry.

NOT looking at the camera can make for very intimate pictures too.

A feather boa may seem over the top, but it can make an erotic photo look spectacular. You can often rent them at the local costume shop.

Look over photos in magazines, and realize that many of those poses are extremely uncomfortable, even if they look 'hot'. You draped in the sofa may 'feel' sexy, but just look like a lumpy, saggy body. Note what the camera 'sees', not always what seems to 'feel' like a good pose.


Be very careful about sharing your photos with others. Particularly in electronic format. Those you trust today may not be those you trust tomorrow. When you run for the Senate in 20 years, do you want these photos circulating? Also, consider that many companies (google especially) will store things on their servers long after you delete them (i.e. people in the right place could access, for instance, your deleted picassa pictures even if you can't)

Do NOT post a photo ANYWHERE online if you are not willing to see it on the billboard on your hometown highway. Once you've put an image online, you have NO control over where it ends up. (keep in mind, if there are no identifying parts to the photo like face or distinctive jewelry or tattoos, you are less at risk of being identified.)

Unless you have a high-end digital camera, turn the flash off! Instead, make sure there's plenty of light from a window or candles and keep yourself and the camera very steady. (Use a tripod!)

Remember that most digital cameras have a short delay after you hit the shutter button. Don't move before the photo is actually taken.

Most cameras have a limit as to how close you can get to your subject and still have a focused photo. Don't get closer than three feet, unless you have a high-end camera with macro settings. You can always crop the photos later to feature just the piece you want.

Remember to delete the photos off your camera before you lend it to someone else!

If you decide to delete the pictures from your PC see How to Permanently Remove Files from Your Hard Drive.

If you sell or give away your camera or memory card, make sure that their memories are really deleted and unrecoverable. Computer programs exist that do this.

Things You'll Need:

A tripod

A camera

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