Dirty Niall fanfiction :)

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You and Niall come home from a the movie theatre." (y/n) , whatcha doin?" A very intrested Niall asks. You just took your shirt off. "my shirt had a stain on it, you think im just gonna leave it on?". You see Niall check you out. "Im gonna go get another shirt on". Ummm ok!" Niall says nevously. You come back down in a tank top and shorts."y/n, you look good" Niall says with a smirk. "really?"you say teasing him. You see a bulge in his pants and understand why he was acting weird. "im gonna go take a shower actually,be good!"you say. "ok , ill be down here, all alone"Niall sats looking sad. You take your shower and come into your room with only a towel around you. You bend over and Niall smacks your ass. "Niall!"you shriek. "how did you get in my room?". "because"Niall says. You notice hes only in his boxers. "well, I bet I know what you want".You say teasing him. "y/n your suxh a tease".Niall says. You sit him down on your bed and you straddle him,still with your towel on. Your making out now and you feel the bulge growing bigger by the second. You move around so your grinding against him. He moans through the kiss. You get up and remove your towel painfully slow in front of Niall. "you are a little , ughhh"Niall hissed. He picks you up and starts kissing you all the way down to your aching pussy. He starts to eat you out, making you moan. "y/n who made you this wet?"Niall says seductivly. "you!"you say. You start to take his boxers off revealing his member. You gasp at the sight. He positions himself and plunges into you. "NIALL!!!"you scream. He thrusts in and out of you in perfect rhythms. Oh god y/n, your so tight!"Niall yells between moans. Your almost near your high when Harry comes in. "umm , o my god im sorry y/n. You see a bulge in his pants. "niall, stop!"you scream. "bro just go please"Niall says sighing. "ok im so sorry"harry says almost the thousandth time. "ok go"you tell Niall. Niall goes harder then ever."oh god Niall , im close"you say. "hold it princess , im almost there"he moans. "niall , I cant"you moan. "ok in three"he says thrusting so powerful that its overwhelming. "1". "2" 3"!!! Niall screams . "NIALLLLLLLLLL!!!!"you scream at the top of your lungs. Niall threw his head back and let oyt a long moan. he pulls out and you both get dresses. "we should see movies often"Niall winks.

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