Part 1

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"Hey, Harry" Seamus whispers. "Harry, dude, you won't believe what we just heard."


I was leaning over my potion notes, sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. I was trying (in vain) to remember the recipe of some potion.

Dean and Seamus sit at the table, next to Ron, Hermione and me. After the war and Voldemort's death, volunteers have rebuilt the castle, so the school could welcome students again. Due to the circumstances, every student can repeat his last year. It is a unique chance for the three of us (as Hermione is going on and on about it) to make our seventh year and get our NEWT.

Now that I have a future again (yay!) I am reconsidering my dream to become an Auror. I study hard to have the grades that will allow me to accomplish my dream.

"This is huge" Seamus chuckles.

"What is it?" Ron asks.

I keep my eyes on my parchment, copying Hermione's notes. I listen to them with one ear only.

"I just heard it a minute ago from a Ravenclaw" Dean says. (He lays his forearms on the table.) "It's a secret, so don't tell this to anybody else, okay?"

Hermione scowls at him. I guess the chit chat annoys her, their over-exaggerated mysterious tone gets on my nerves too. Why are they making such a fuss?

"What? Spit it out!" Ron pushes him.

"Malfoy... sells his body."

I freeze, Hermione too ; Ron raises his eyebrows in shock. Seamus' voice had been just a murmur, but we heard him distinctly.

"I beg your- Wait, come again?" my best friend lets out.

I lift up my gaze on Dean's face, Hermione puts her book down.

"I can't believe that" she snaps.

"But it's true. Draco Malfoy is having sex to earn money."

"Impossible" I say abruptly.

"Yeah" Ron goes on, flustered. "He's so proud and arrogant, he would never do this."

Seamus nods.

"I thought that too. But apparently, with his father on the loose and their manor taken down by the Minister, the Malfoy family is in difficulty."

"But still..." Hermione says warily.

"All of the Malfoy's vaults in Gringotts have been seized" Dean goes on. "Draco's mother lives in a shabby cottage. She's ill. She can't work at all."

"The Malfoys don't have any incomes anymore" Seamus sneers meanly. "You can turn it any way you want, he needs money."

Ron and I exchange a glance. Ok, that's true, even wizards need some money, they can't make it appear out of fin air. But there is a big gap between being broke and selling your body... to me it is the last of the last solution.

And, knowing Draco's personality, I guess he would rather die than let his pride be trampled on.
"If it's true that Malfoy prostitutes himself" my best friend laughs nervously "I bet he doesn't have so much clients. He's so obnoxious! No girl can bear him!"

Seamus giggles and lowers his voice a bit more.

"Well –this is the juicy part– he sleeps... only with GUYS."



"Excuse me?" Hermione blinks.

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