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This chapter gives an overview of everything related to the WattpadShortStory profile, including how the profile works and what each book published on the profile stands for:

Profile Table of Contents:

🠮 Help Desk: You are currently here. The Help Desk carries all the necessary information related to WattpadShortStory Profile. 

🠮 Short Story : Contests And Prompts: As the name implies, here you will find all the contest, writing challenges, and season specific prompts hosted by WattpadShortStory. Every month you'll get a chance to write a short story, possibly win the contest and take home some exciting prizes! 

🠮 Gemstones | Winners ✮ Anthology: Welcome to Gemstones, where we will publish the notable winning stories from our writing contests. A place where your winning story will be featured indefinitely!

🠮 Short Story Studio: A place dedicated to all of the talented authors behind amazing and extraordinary short stories that we want to put in the spotlight! We'll be posting interviews of your favorite authors periodically! The next spotlight may even fall on you!

🠮 SnapShots : Activities, Facts, & Fun: In which we share random weekly activities, fun facts, question of the week, short challenges, and much more!

🠮 100 Words Countdown: Where we feature all the eminent drabbles from our writing contest and weekly activities! If you have written a drabble that meets our profile guidelines, send it to us via DM and we'll feature your drabbles here after careful scrutiny!

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In addition to the above, there are separate anthology books for every genre to feature your one-shot stories and single standalone chapter. 

Head on to the next chapters to know more about the list of our available reading lists and anthology books! 

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