Morning Sex

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Anal sex, Louis top, Harry bottom, rimming, bath sex, little bit of body worship

Harry snuffles into his pillow as Louis shifts beside him, the soft yellow light of midmorning slipping under the curtains and curling around them, rousing them into wakefulness. Louis rolls onto his stomach, slipping an arm around Harry's waist and nuzzling into his neck, kissing his sleepy-warm skin.

Harry sighs and lets Louis' hair tickle his chin, breathing in the scent of him and basking in the warmth of their bed and shared body heat. He curls an arm around Louis' neck, eyes still closed. He can feel Louis' eyelashes flutter against his skin and his fingers drawing pointless patterns over the bump of his hipbone.

Louis sighs, and he's still half asleep, his eyes are unwilling to open but Harry is so soft and cuddly in the morning and warm and pliant and sleepy Harry is one of his favorite things in the world. Harry makes his little snuffling sound again, the one he makes when he's tired and dazed and warm, and its so cute that Louis almost opens his eyes and kisses him. Almost.

Harry shifts around under Louis' arm, whining quietly because of his dead weight. Louis finally blinks his eyes open and and lifts his arm, letting Harry curl up into his chest. Louis wraps his arms tight around him, nuzzling into his hair and stroking his skin, and its so soft and smooth and Louis knows exactly how it tastes at this time of day and that makes his heart flutter.

Harry mumbles something unintelligible and Louis smoothes his hand down the bumps of his spine, kissing his hair and pulling him closer to his chest. "Mornumph," Harry says again.

"Morning," Louis says back, smiling into Harry's curls. Harry mumbles something else and presses his face into Louis' chest, cradling his hands to his own. "Sleepy Haz?" Louis asks, tucking a strand of hair behind Harry's ear.

"S'cold," Harry says, "m'chilly."

"Maybe you shouldn't sleep naked, then," Louis says and hugs him tighter, rubbing his hand over his back to warm him up. Harry makes an appreciative noise in the back of his throat. They lay there for awhile, Louis pressing lazy kisses to Harry's forehead and cheeks, running a warm hand over his back. Harry starts stirring after awhile, turning so he's looking up at Louis, hair falling into his eyes.

Louis gives him a brief peck and rubs his nose against Harry's, smiling into him. "Wanna take a bath, warm you up?" he murmurs.

"Yeah," Harry says, and his voice is even slower in the morning. "Yeah, will you wash my hair for me?"

Louis kisses him again. "Course I will, baby. Wouldn't be a proper bath if I didn't."

Harry smiles and slips out from Louis' grasp and the duvet, wrapping his long arms around his torso to protect himself from the sudden chill. Louis follows suit, placing a hand on the small of Harry's back and leading him to the bathroom, turning up the heat on the way.

Louis turns the hot water on in the tub and lets it run while they brush their teeth side by side, Harry grinning around his toothbrush at Louis in the mirror. When he bends over to spit Louis pinches his bum. Harry pretends to look scandalized and they both giggle sleepily.

When they're done and the tub is filled up, Harry turns away to climb into the bath and Louis sneakily reaches under the sink to grab their "shower lube," as Harry calls it. He places it on the ground next to the tub when Harry's not looking and helps him in, holding his elbow because he's tired and still walking on shaky legs. Louis climbs in after him, settling his back against the wall of the tub and Harry settling his back against Louis' chest. He fits himself between Louis' legs and tucks his head back into Louis' neck, sighing contentedly and reaching to turn off the tap with his foot.

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