Chpt 2: Partners

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Adrien groaned as his alarm blared into his ears. He was still getting used to his school routine, balancing school, photo shoots, mandarin, piano, football, and fencing is hard. He's only been in school a week and he's exhausted.
He yawned and forced himself out of bed. He turned the shower on. Then grabbed his phone as he waited for the water to heat up.

💬Morning m'lady! How was your first week? -ChatNoir

He put his phone up and got in the shower. Letting the hot water relax his muscles. Realizing the amount of time he'd spent in the shower, he turned the head off and finished getting ready. He ran his hands through his damp hair and grabbed his bag and phone. He looked at the screen and grinned.

💬Good morning, Kitty. It was interesting... How was yours? :) -Ladybug

💬It was fine. :) How is unpacking? -ChatNoir

He slipped his phone in his back pocket after a quick smile. Natalie had came and told him breakfast was ready and he had to hurry.

Adrien greeted his driver and got into the car. He fished his phone out of his pocket.

Finally all moved in. I'm going to be late for school, talk to u later :) -Ladybug

He smiled and put his phone away. He got to school and waved his driver goodbye. Nino was at the entrance waiting on him. He saw him a waved.

"Hey dude." Nino greeted putting his arm over Adrien's shoulders and laughing.

"Hey Nino." Adrien smiled. They were walking and found Alya at her locker. Adrien was pretty sure Nino likes her, thought he'd never admit it. They had been friends forever it seemed, and she was up in high school now.

"Hey boys." Alya greeted with a wave. Nino blushed and Adrien fought back a laugh.

"Hey Alya." He said.

"H-Hey Alya." Nino sputtered.

"Have either of you seen Marinette? I know she's going to be later, but I was hoping to catch her before third." Alya asked. Nino shook his head. Marinette moved here just a few weeks ago. She was Alya's new best friend, and she hung out with us in class and at lunch. She seemed really cool, a little shy though.

"I haven't seen her." Adrien said. She frowned

"Okay, well class is about to start, I should get going." Both gave her a nod and the three when their separate ways.

💬Hi kitty :) -Ladybug

He grinned down at his phone. His lady was texting him. The joy she brings him. Adrien started talking to Ladybug over the summer. They talk to each other about anything and everything. They've never met or seen each other, but he's convinced she's the most beautiful person out there. Ladybug has such a beautiful heart, how couldn't she be beautiful.

💬Hey m'lady ;) -ChatNoir.

He thought about leaving off the wink, but it's part of his charm. He was sitting through world-history, wishing he wasn't. He put his phone away after a few minutes with no reply, and rested his face in his hand.

💬How's your day? -Ladybug

He looked down at his phone ready to reply, when he felt someone hit hard into him. He looked up a little stunned to find a toppling over, blushing, Marinette. He caught by the arms and steadied her.

"A-Adrien, I am s-so so sorry." She stuttered, beet red with embarrassment. "I wasn't looking where I was going and-"

"Marinette it's fine. I wasn't looking where I was going either. Are you okay?" He interrupted her rambling. She took a deep breath and nodded. "Okay, lets go sit down." He flashed her a grin. They walked to their table, both sitting down their lunch bags. Alya and Nino joined them, putting their trays down. They talked while occasionally talking bites of their food.

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